How Love Can Make You a Better Man

We spend more time wasting time than on the things that will leave us proud, not regretful. ~Chad Howse

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To simply be able to focus on something worth focusing on would mean a version of you so far beyond who you currently are that you’d be unrecognizable. (Read This: Becoming The Best Version of Yourself)

You’d get more work done. You’d get better work done. You’d have more time to have more fun, to travel, to explore, to adventure, to go beyond what you know to be true and good to what may be great.

When you think about life as time. When you think about the goals you want to achieve, think of the people you want to be able to see them realized.

I immediately think of my parents.

How fucking horrible would it be for me to not achieve my goals, to build the family and the meaningful life I want to build, before they die?

Think about that in your own life.

The excuses are weak. I have no excuses, come to think about it.

Even marriage or work and family, they’re dependent on me, not on outside forces. I have the power to create what I want to create and the only reason for my not to achieve it would be laziness or fear.

Imagine achieving this stuff the year after your folks die, or your wife passes or your kids grow up too old to really care about what you’ve done.

Think about those people you want to benefit from the man you’re becoming and the things he’s going to accomplish instead of yourself.

Let their love and how much they mean to you for you to focus on what you should be focusing on and avoid the traps in your day that hold you back from what you can potentially become and the life you can potentially create.