wild at heart

Men Are Wild At Heart

Be not timid nor afraid, for you’re a man, and you were born wild at heart. ~Chad Howse

I was taught well. Not to brag or anything like that. But I wasn’t taught to be a follower. Nor was I taught to run from a fight. Sure, I was punished for exploring the city on my own when I was 4 years old or going to the grocery store across the busy street when I was 3 with fake money for an ice cream cone. (Read This: 10 Lessons Every Father Should Teach His Son)

Sure I was told to behave and punished when I didn’t, but I was encouraged to explore, to roughhouse, to play cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians, and to, well, be a boy.

I’d get in fights as a kid and as long as there was good reason for them, my folks didn’t raise a stink about a boy fighting. “Boys will be boys” was a common phrase in my house, but also in my school.

I went to a Catholic high school where, a few years before I got there, a teacher had a boxing match with a fast-talking kid and shut him up. We’d do things that girls wouldn’t. And our teachers and the Catholic brothers knew we would and why we would.

But most kids weren’t given this guidance. They were told to sit quiet and timid. They were told that there are no winners, and trying is good enough. They were told that violence is never ever ever ever the answers.

And partially by no fault of their own they grow up timid and weak. They don’t explore. They don’t fight for their values because their values are simply what they’ve been told they should be.

Listen, I’m no “real man”. I’m a pussy at times. I whine and complain. I’m afraid and sometimes lazy. But I have no excuse is what I’m saying. I was shown throughout my early years on planet earth how men are, and what’s expected of them. (Read This: You Know You’re a Pussy If…)

I had a teacher once who asked the class if girls were as athletic as guys. Every kid nodded yes, as if we thought we were supposed to be nice to women and that equality was actually a thing.

The teacher, in disbelief, called us idiots. He asked us to rationalize what we had just said. That men, who are stronger in structure that women, aren’t. He asked us to forget about what society wants to tell us and think for ourselves.

That was a powerful moment. Of course many women are as athletic as men, but you take the elite of both sexes and there’s obviously no comparison. There’s a reason why women sprint and fight against other women, and men against other men. Yet, kids today are growing up being told that we’re the same in every way.

They’re being told that you can “think” you’re something other than you’re not, and the rest of society has to abide by it, to adjust to your distorted view of reality.

They’re being told that men are not warriors, and that violence isn’t a solution, ever. They’re being told that it’s not their job to protect women. And then 500 women get assaulted in Germany by Muslim immigrants and there are no men around to protect them. (Check This Out: 10 Qualities of the Modern Day Warrior)

You’re a fucking man!

You weren’t born to be a follower. You weren’t born to spend your life in an office. You’re an explorer, a hunter, a gatherer. You’re a defender, a leader, and far from a coward.

Men need to be taught not that they should hide their strength, that they’re the same as everyone else in their class or community, but that it’s their duty to provide for their family, to defend their tribe, and to make the most out of every second he has on this planet.

There’s a reason that boys play cowboys and Indians while girls play with dolls.

There’s a reason why boys look at a tree and just want to climb it or they see a gun and just want to shoot it or a horse and just want to ride it.

At our heart, we are wild.

And if we don’t allow – nay, teach – our men to act on this wild spirit, we’re fucked.

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