3 Fundamentals of True Manliness

How can a life truly be lived in avoidance of danger and pain? – Chad Howse

I wrestle with this, the desire for safety is a natural human desire. It’s a part of our survival. But safety and living life do not coincide. They oppose one another as life exists beyond comfort, it’s found in the fights, the struggles, the battles that only the brave face.

Life exists in exploration. Exploration cannot occur in complete safety. We have to venture beyond what we know and into the unknown and the unseen.

Imagine living a life where you know you can achieve everything you set out to do or that day in and day out you’re in no fear for your safety, there’s no uneasiness, no danger in your life.

That’s the life that the majority of us live and it cannot be called a life. We’re merely passing life by, waiting for that bucket to be kicked.

As a man there’s a few fundamental truths you have to understand:

1. You’re a protector and defender.

The safety of others is your responsibility even if you don’t care to have it fall on your shoulders. Thus, it’s your duty to train for battle, to train to be able to defend whomever may need your protection, whenever they need it.

2. You’re an explorer.

Men have ventured beyond their tribes since the dawn of time. They’ve founded new cultures, created new tribes. They’ve hiked and hunted through the Rockies and dared to find what lay beyond them.

As a man you must explore. You have to go beyond what you know you can do, beyond what you know. You have to go further than your body will allow, than your mind can comprehend.

Explore both this world, its people, and your soul. Find out why you’re here. It’s a mission that only the daring embark on.

3. Without practicing pain you cannot become a man.

Manhood is something you earn, it isn’t something you innately possess. It requires grit and toughness and gameness. Men are bred to be warriors. If you’re not tough, you’re useless.
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Without seeking out pain, be it in your desire to work harder at your job, acquiring more discipline and focus in the process, or putting your body through pain in the gym, you need pain to realize your potential.

Now, go.

Set your sights higher then have the courage, the guts, the BALLS to stay the course and live a life of value.

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