Man Up Monday: What Will You Win Today?

Aim every day to improve. Improvement shows itself in accomplishment, in the habits you form and those you get rid of. Aim every day to do more, accomplish more, tackle greater tasks and bowl through grander obstacles. Set out each to accomplish something, anything, then look back on your life and the work you’ve done with pride, rather than looking back on your life with regret for all the things you aimed to do but never actually did them.

Begin today.

Accomplishment should be the aim of everyday. Not enjoyment.

When we set out to purely enjoy a day we often end up doing very little of value, however, when we set out to accomplish something grand, be it in our work, our craft, or an adventure of some kind, we end up enjoying our day thoroughly and creating memories that will be with us forever.

Political correctness creates a divide where its intentions may have been to unify.

We’re politically correct so as to be sensitive to our differences, but in this sensitivity we only highlight our differences, usually making up more of them as we go along.

PC is a cancer on our culture, a weakness that is already creating our downfall.

There is good. There is evil. There is right and wrong and we are all different. Laugh at our differences, appreciate them, and don’t be afraid to speak what should be spoken.

Happiness is something you work at and earn daily. It isn’t something that just happens.

Hippies sought happiness in drugs and doing nothing and after a while they grew up and realized that there are responsibilities in this life that are good.

Work is a good thing. The act of work well done brings happiness. Relationships are good things. They, too, take work.

You can’t wait for happiness. You have to create it. Earn it. Live it routinely.

To inhibit freedom in the name of safety is no way to govern, to parent, nor live.

The world is a dangerous place. It’s filled with both good and evil and it always will be. To remove the freedom of the individual in an attempt to keep everyone safe is to remove life and liberty and hand power over to both the evil and those who govern, but not the individual.

We have so many damn rules today it’s enraging. And the vast majority of us just willingly accept that such rules are and never ask why they are.

Don’t be your own hero. Be someone else’s.

There’s a massive industry focused on the individual. To help the individual find themselves and be themselves and create wealth for themselves.

It won’t work unless you’re doing it for others.

There’s a reason why giving feels so damn good. There’s a reason why sacrifice gives life new and deeper meaning. We’re wired to be social beings, a part of a greater fabric and we need to be living for others, not just for the man in the mirror.

Rules for a good life:

Eat animals. Drink whiskey. Laugh til your gut hurts. Lift heavy things. Work your ass off. Love people. Love them so much you’re willing to defend them.

Life is simple. Enjoy the things you enjoy not daily, but as rewards. Train your body to be able to defend the ones you love and to be able to live the life you want to live uninhibited by weakness or the ailments that relegate the masses to their couches.

Be smart. Be kind. Be a badass.

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