Man Up Monday: A Man Can’t Have a Bleeding Heart

Where hearts bleed brains cannot function. When you feel instead of think, you remove yourself from being able to find a good solution, and yet so many of our big decisions are made with our hearts instead of our minds. A man can’t live like this. He can’t thrive like this.

Evil exists. You can’t remove the freedoms of the good in an attempt to remove it from this planet.

There’s an annoying and very destructive mission for some to remove freedoms in a massively failed attempt to keep everyone safe. (Read This: 7 Steps to Freedom)

When freedoms are lost because of fear, we’re in trouble. Yet, most of us willingly submit to the law of the land because, well, we have to. Even though bad people will always do bad shit and in attempting to stop it all you stop LIFE.

Accept that bad things will happen, fight them, but don’t fight them by removing the freedoms of those who are going to do no wrong.

Focus only on what will help you live the life you want to lead. The rest is unnecessary.

I’m writing this as I’m texting. How bloody useless is texting. It takes you away from a task or an activity and you could get the conversation over with in one quick 5 minute phone call.

I do this a lot, so the quote below is for me, it’s a lesson I’m learning daily, relapsing, and the re-learning.

Do only those things that help you move toward the man you want to become and the life you want to lead. The rest does not need to be in your life.

If we’d only keep that thought in our heads as distractions invade our day, we’d be far more effective, far more happy, and far more successful than we are now.

Don’t be so sensitive.

I’ve yet to meet a fella who I respect who’s uttered the words “I’m offended”, or “that’s offensive”. It just isn’t in the vernacular of a man. Yet, I’ve been getting a few emails from humans saying just that.

My response is always, “don’t be so sensitive”, usually followed by “unsubscribe”.

I’m not always right. I’m likely wrong a fair bit. I may use terms that ruffle feathers and I may not be the most polished human on the planet, but don’t ever tell another human that they’re being insensitive.

Or do, but understand that in today’s society, that’s a complement. (Read This: Become an Alpha Male in Modern Society)

Train your body to allow you to live the life that you deem audacious.

I life lived not in an audacious pursuit can still be a great and good life. Audacity isn’t everyone’s calling. But if you’re into improvement and goal setting, it’s far better to set grand goals that scare you a little bit than goals that you can accomplish in your sleep.

It’s important to dream big, and to be able to accomplish much of what we’d deem “audacious”, a good, strong, well-conditioned body is a necessary foundation.

The goal in life should be to burn out after a life that can only be deemed a blaze.

Most of us live in fear of what we don’t know. We stay confined to our zones of comfort without ever realize the danger of this mode of living and thinking until it’s too late.

It’s important to, weekly at the very least, determine what it is that you truly want to hunt in life, capture, and conquer. Without reflection you can’t possibly know

The logic behind not working hard eludes me. What has laziness ever won?

We have the choice to work hard or to not work hard. Most don’t. Most want others to work and pay higher taxes so they can lounge and “live”.

They see life not in discipline and sacrifice but in doing whatever the hell they want, whenever they want.

Value in life eludes them, purpose escapes them, envy is all that they’re left with.

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