Man Up Monday: Free Yourself

Success and freedom and happiness and meaning, they all require of us persistence. They each take time. They each ask of us that we improve and work a little harder and take many, many steps toward our goal.

Most people stop, they feel that they can’t go on any longer when they easily and clearly could have.

Have a firm understanding that what you want in life, I mean what you REALLY want in life, takes effort and time. Be in this journey for the long run. True gratification isn’t instant, it’s always at the end of an arduous journey.

Most minds are cluttered with petty bullshit. Don’t fall into the same trap.

Focus only on what concerns you and betters you. Forget about the nonsense…

The opinions of others… the vanity, the things that clutter the house and the brain and bring you to your knees as a dependent.

Free yourself from the things that most focus on so you can focus on what matters: your purpose, your mission, your friends and your family.

When you remove the bullshit, you free yourself to reach your potential. (Read This: 5 Ways You’re Being Willingly Emasculated)

To be called simple is a compliment.

Henry Ford didn’t have a breadth of knowledge. His knowledge was focused and specialized, and for good reason. He hired brainiacks to answer questions to things he did not know or need to know.

Don’t aim to know a little bit about everything, but everything about a few things that are important to you and your bottom line.

Life should also be simplified, not confused by too much of the things that mean little.

Be present, in it, involved only in where you are, what you’re doing, drinking, eating, working on.

Be cognizant only of where you are and what you’re doing. Nothing else matters, and to truly enjoy where you are you have to be fully absorbed in what you’re doing.

Life is about focus, and in today’s society, with the endless amount of distraction, we have every opportunity not to focus.

Simplify. Have tunnel vision and success and happiness will be yours.

A bleeding heart takes blood away from a thinking brain.

You can’t think with your heart, with your emotions. The very nature of them clouds the thought process and removes intelligence.

Too many among us think with their heart when the real solution to the problems they seek to solve are opposing what they deem is the answer.

Don’t let a bleeding heart get in the way of logic. Logic and reason should provide solutions, not emotions, leave those to love and enjoyment and the human experience, not problem solving.

It’s the guys who bust their asses when no one is watching that get what they deserve in life.

With the rise of the media that is social, we’ve found a greater need to show what we’re doing and if we don’t get praise we wonder why we’re even doing it.

Work your ass off because it makes you a better man. It’s the pride you gain from busting your ass daily that cannot be bought or paid for or rewarded, it’s internal and it’s priceless.

To ignore that evil exists in the world is to feed it, encourage it, enable it.

People like to give reasons for things. Reasons are often another name for excuses. It helps to explain, sure, but to explain doesn’t remove the fact that the problem still needs to be dealt with. (Read This: Let Go of Excuses and Find Opportunity)

There is evil. Pure evil. It can’t be reasoned with and it isn’t logical. You cannot coax it or fix it, you must destroy it, kill it, remove it.

We’ve all seen it in our lives if we’re lived just a little bit. If you’re ignorant to it’s existence, get out into the world and introduce yourself to it. You’ll change your stance in due time.

If you’re not willing to bleed on the paper, don’t write.

This isn’t advice to writers, per se – I have no right to give any advice on this matter. More advice from a writer – Hemingway. What I’ve realized, even on my wee little blog, and on this page, is that if you’re not willing to put yourself, your truest self, on to the paper or article or page, then there’s no point.

Authenticity is king in the written word, and that translates to life. Why do anything if you’re not doing it as you and you completely.

Be secure in who you are and proud enough to put your most genuine foot forward.

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