The Ideal Start to an Ideal Day

Greatness doesn’t happen accidentally, nor does it occur in an instant. Greatness, or a grand life, an epic adventure, a legacy filled with impact and meaning to the individual and those who were fortunate enough to be a part of his life, happens over time. That life we want can’t be a life we seek, it must be a life we build, a life we fight for daily. It’s a collection of great days. Greatness isn’t a summit but a story where each page plays an important and vital role. Remove one page and the meaning of the story changes, it becomes incomplete, even impossible.

Today is such a page, as is tomorrow and the next day, but the day we’re immersed in can be the only one we concern ourselves with. To write the best page we can write is all we need to do. Just one page. So how does one write such a page every day until his last breath escapes from his body along with his soul, off to an even better place?

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There has to be a plan, even if that plan is random adventure, it has to happen on purpose and it starts the night before. This plan must be carried out, every aspect marked off, and it must be done first before the “freedom” of the day can take a hold of us and our adventures be carried out.

As we proceed we’ll discover the perfect start to a day. If your day starts with success it’s hard to knock it off its tracks unless we stupidly do so on purpose. Start your first few hours off on the right foot and the momentum is contagious thereafter.

My Day

Today I had an incredible day. It really was a memorable one. As usual it started the night before when I emptied out my noggin of the things that I knew I had to get done, things that act like shackles on the wrist or bails on the back until they’re marked off my to do list.

So I planned my morning workout, the first thing on the list after the two glasses of water and the cup of coffee. After the workout I, as planned the night before, had my first 3-4 hour work session. The focus was writing. I had a list of things I had to write, such as newsletters, products, and articles. After said 4 hours I ate a big breakfast and started work session number two which was created to clean up any loose ends that were left unfinished in work session number one.

After 7 wonderful hours of work, my soul was cleansed along with my task list. Alas, I headed out into the town that’s nestled beneath me as I write, once again, from the balcony of the place I’m staying in that’s situated halfway up a mountain overlooking Lake Como. Adventures happened, stories were written, and now, as the sun sets on yet another beautiful day in an incredibly beautiful country, both in natural beauty and the more well-known architectural and historical beauty, I write again.

’Tis this time that my writing is accompanied by a glass of wine and a pipe. I’m as relaxed as a man can be, and although its aided by the vino and the pipe, ‘twould not be possible had I not finished my task list early in the morning. After I finish writing this I’ll empty my brain once again in preparation for tomorrow.

It has to happen this way. Without this emptying there is no culmination or peace at the end of the day and for a hyperactive individual like myself, that means there is no sleep.

So, in an effort to simplify, and I’m a guy who needs things simplified and in list form, here’s how to start your day in epic fashion, getting your shit done early, your body primed for your workout later in the day, and page written in a fine fashion as to make up a great life with legacy written all over it.

1. Write your to do list the night before. Highlight the 1 and most important thing you need to get done. This is the big picture thing. The task that will lead you to greatness. From there have a maximum of 3 other things you need to do to make this day a success. Ideally, just have one thing.

Here’s a helpful article: How to Plan Your Day

2. Start your day early. Every great person I’ve read about started their day early and with purpose.

3. Drink 2 big glasses of water along with your vitamins. You’ve just spent 7-8 hours drinking no water all the while your organs were using up their fair share whilst functioning all night. The first thing you should do in the morning is drink a crap load of water/.

4. Have a morning exercise routine. This is a primer, it’ll keep your gains lean and get your muscles and metabolism working right away. We have a GREAT morning routine in the Man Workout. Use it.

5. Have a set working block designed to accomplish one thing. DO NOT open your email account or facebook account. Studies have shown a dramatic decrease in productivity even if you answer one email to start your day, leave that nonsense for work session number two.

6. Hit the ground running and with focus. My advice: don’t even login to the internet. Get everything you can get done without the internet, then turn the internet on if you need to implement the work that you’ve just done like I have to do with articles and newsletters and all that goodness.

7. Take a break, do something active, eat something healthy. If you’re doing the Man Diet this is usually a meal with meat and fat. The meat will slow the rise in blood sugar creating elevated energy levels throughout the day. This is awesome because you’re going to need them for work session number two.

Depending on what time you wake up, and you should be waking up at 6am or earlier, this is late morning or early afternoon and no longer when you start your day, thus, it’s no longer a concern of this article.

The point is to start your day with a purpose. Get some epic stuff done early so you’re not scrambling to do something at the end of the day when you’re tired and useless like I am right now. Structure your day like I just highlighted and you’re in for success. Trust me. I’ve had routines where I tried to let things come to me, and didn’t structure everything, and nothing good got done, emails got answered and Facebook posts got posted, but nothing of value got done. Make that change, do awesome shit early.