The 3 Steps to Building the Ideal Body

Here are two structures you can use to create your perfect nutrition guide whether you’re eating every 3 hours, or using an IF protocol.

Train in the evening.

Pre-workout meals: high in good fats + vegetables – BCAAs: 10 grams pre workout, 10 grams during workout – post workout shake + post workout meal(s) high in lean proteins with higher glycemic carbs right after the workout, but lower glycemic carbs as the evening progresses. As you consume low glycemic carbs, you can increase your fat intake.

Train in the morning.

Your diet will start the night before with a healthy, high fat, high vegetable meal, BCAAs pre workout and during, post workout shake that’s high in lean protein and carbs + 1-2 post workout meals that are the same. After those meals are completed, eat veggies and fats for the remainder of the night.

The main principle is that you need fats to have healthy testosterone levels. You also need carbs to feed and grow your muscles. Avoid spiking your insulin levels when you’re consuming fats and proteins. Only elevate your insulin when your insulin sensitivity is at its height – post workout when your blood is pumping to said muscles.

3. Find a strategic method to creating the perfect body in the gym.

The perfect body can’t merely look perfect, it has to perform perfect as well. Genetics aside, this endeavor needs strategy behind it. You can’t simply walk into a gym and start lifting heavier weights each week and expect to create the perfect-looking or the best-performing body you can muster up.

Again, I’m not going to leave you out to dry, alone in the world trying to sift the bullshit from the truth, the myth from fact. I’ll show you exactly how you need to go about this.

a. Focus on performance first.leonidas

That is, get strong first, and get strong in an athletic sense, not just a powerlifting sense – in other words don’t limit yourself to a few lifts or exercises, build real world strength that will serve you in real world situations.


I’ve created a program specifically designed to help you create a strong, muscular base. It’s called Strong Like a Warrior.


Whether your goal is to burn fat or build muscle, you should be focusing on improving strength first.

Focus on strength first to lose fat, get shredded.

a. Muscle is metabolic. The more dense, metabolically active muscle you have, the more fat you’ll burn doing nothing. In essence, by focusing on improving your strength, you’re creating an environment that is conducive to the body you want to create.

b. Lean muscle improves insulin health – as does healthy testosterone levels. By improving your strength – and lean muscle mass – you’re improving your testosterone levels and insulin health. That is, your body will use more carbohydrates to fuel your muscles, storing less of them as fat.

Focus on strength to build muscle, get shredded.

a. You need to improve your body’s capacity to gain lean muscle mass. If all you do is focus on tension, higher reps, and “muscle building splits”, you’ll improve slower than you would if you’d focused on strength first, then hypertrophy second.

b. The same reasons above for the fat loss crew. The ideal is bulky, the ideal is lean and strong. Get strong first, and build more muscle as a result of that strength.

Create the right shape.

Alright, so you’re strong. Now you can focus on building muscle at random, right? Incorrect, my friend.

If you want to build the ideal male body, you have to construct the ideal male shape, which is the X shape – or V Shape if you’re only focusing on the upper body.


For this, spend two months focusing on the back and the shoulders, fully developing those muscle groups before you work on filling out. For this you need the Perfect V Solution. It’s a $7 program that spans two months and is completely focused on building that V Shape.


If you build a strong base and the correct shape, you can then begin training using any good muscle building routine. I love the PowerHowse Challenge because it helped me gain 32 pounds of lean muscle in 32 weeks, but there are many good, effective programs out there.

Just make sure you’re progressing and always improving. Don’t relegate yourself to one methodology or one split. Try many different ones because they’ll all have a different effect on your body.

Here are a few things to keep in mind regarding building perfect muscle:

1. Put your muscles under enough time under tension to create optimal growth.

You can do this by using a myriad of rep schemes as well as tempos that will allow you to lift heavier weights, but still put your muscles under enough tension for a long enough time that optimal muscle growth will occur.

For example: try 6-8 reps, lifting to failure, with 4 seconds spent on the eccentric contraction. This is a great set that will bring more lactic acid to the muscle, creating more growth hormone, allowing for faster recovery and greater fat loss.

2. Lift to failure, most of the time.

I love to train to failure within proper form because it makes our muscles do what they weren’t previously able to do. But that doesn’t mean that you have to lift to failure in every set. If you’re using a density protocol or a german volume training protocol, failure can occur in the last 1 or 2 sets (of up to 10 sets).

3. See your program through.

Don’t get antsy with a program. If it’s created by someone who knows what they’re talking about, stick to it word for word and see it to the end. Too many people quit before they see the benefits that the program is designed to create. Don’t quit before you’ve let it have the desired effect.

Don’t forget to have fun and persist.

If your training isn’t fun, you’re probably not going to stick with it. However, you do have science on your side. When you work hard your body releases endorphins that act like a natural high. That’s why I get some of my best writing done post workout or post run. It’s also why you have no alternative to to feel good from training.

Your workout and your nutrition plan should also be engrained in your lifestyle. These aren’t temporary changes that you’ll forget about after you’ve reached your goal. With that said, you need to have fun training, but you also need to have fun eating.

The separation of fats and proteins from carbs and proteins should allow for that. You’re able to eat your steak and bacon and eggs, but also your carbs. If you cheat, cheat post workout. Let those sugars fuel your muscles. Let them work for you not against you.

If you create the right atmosphere, create a good support system, and follow something that you can actually follow without ruining all the fun in your life, you should be able to persist long enough to create your ideal.

Hopefully this article has helped you find the clarity you need to create the ideal male body. If it hasn’t, or if there are still questions that need to be covered, ask them in the comments section below and I’ll gladly answer them for you.