The 3 Steps to Building the Ideal Body

The ideal male body… Da Vinci broke it down to its ratios, the David was Michelangelo’s personification of the idea, and antiquity spoke to us about Achilles’ perfection. In more modern times, however, this ideal has become an odd, misguided obsession. Guys spend as much time in the gym as they do working and reading. They pollute their bodies with chemicals in an effort to create this ideal, but only in the aesthetic.

vitruvian man

Are we missing something with our pursuit of the ideal? By merely focusing on the outward appearance of the body are we not diminishing other aspects of what should make up this ideal body that a true alpha male and leader dawns?

This is where the Be Legendary ideal takes shape.

The true ideal can’t simply be an outward appearance. It has to take into consideration our inner health, power, and strength. Of course intelligence and courage also make up important aspects of the ideal male, but for today, we’ll focus only on the body.

And so, we have our 3 steps to take to create your very own ideal body.

Note: These aren’t random steps in a random list. Follow these steps in order and you’ll have your ideal body.

1. Determine your “why” before you determine your “how”.

Achievement in any arena has to be spurred forward by a burning, internal desire that can’t be quelled by loss, failure, or the often slow and arduous process that any journey to accomplish anything of great value entails.

Thus, it’s those who understand why they’re doing what they’re doing, and have an emotional attachment to that reason that keeps them motivated, that will be able to sacrifice, struggle, and strive through the myriad of obstacles that will inevitably ensue once the journey is embarked upon.

And so, before you figure out what you’re going to eat and how you’re going to train, you need to figure out a very good reason as to why in the world you would want to do this in the first place.

I have a very good reason to build the ideal body because my livelihood is attached to my motivations. If I’m closer to my ideal, I’ll be able to inspire and show others how to move closer to their ideal. So, at its core, my reason has nothing to do with my body, rather, everything to do with my prosperity in life, and my ability to fulfill my burning desire to build an empire and a business that gives people the tools to do whatever they want with their lives.

If I didn’t have this web site and I wasn’t obsessed with aiding as many people as humanly possible, my motivations would be different. I suspect that they’d have more to do with my desire to be my best in every facet of life – and these may be your motivations.

If you’re not happy with mediocrity, if you want to live your best possible life because you know that you only have one crack at this thang, then a burning desire to simply be awesome, great, and Legendary will surely be enough to keep you on the right track for a long enough period to create your ideal body.

In fact, before I started my business, that was the core of why I wanted to gain 30 pounds of lean muscle, and also why I did it.

Stop right here…

Determine why you want to embark on this journey of evolution. Write this reason down, and make it a good one. Make it a reason that matters to you.

The world will not coddle you. It won’t keep tabs on you. It will not give a flying fuck whether or not you succeed or fail. I’m here to help, sure, but I can’t monitor you. This is on you. And that, my friend, is both why it’s so important to understand why you want to do this, and why it’s going to be so much more rewarding when you ACCOMPLISH THIS FOR YOURSELF.

2. Determine YOUR best method of eating.

You need to figure out both a good method, and a schedule that you can follow. And no, I’m not going to leave this up to you to figure out. So here’s what you need to know moving forward.

a. Hormones are very important for both your health and your body composition. Thus, you need to eat in a way that will enhance the good hormones and limit the bad ones.

b. Healthy fats (saturated, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated) help elevate your testosterone levels, which is your most important hormone.

c. Carbohydrates can fuel your muscles when they’re consumed at the right time.

So where does this leave you? You want to change your body composition (either burning fat or building muscle or both), but you also want to get bigger muscles, have more energy, and be able to do it in a way that you can follow everyday for the rest of your life.

The best form of eating for you will exist in some form of meal timing. That is, eating certain foods at certain times. I love intermittent fasting (IF) as a fat loss and lean gains protocol, but it isn’t for everyone. If you follow intermittent fasting, awesome. If, however, you find that you can’t eat enough food whilst following IF then you still should be timing certain meals. Continue Reading on Page 2 >>>