How to Develop the Upper Part of the V Shape

A. Seated military press – 10 reps
10 sets + 60 seconds rest
B1. Poliquin raise – 4 sec eccentric 8 reps
B2. Reverse pec deck – 30 reps
3 sets + 60 seconds rest

Also, add a finisher to your shoulders workout. They’re a small muscle, which means they can take a lot of damage and still recover. Check out this giant set that you can add to the end of your shoulders workout to build a great upper V…

Upper Lats

Why are we focusing on the upper lats when trying to build a V?

Your back is the most important aspect of a V shape. Thick lats will give your shoulders added breadth, tapering down to a waist that will appear much thinner because of the lat development.

If then, the lats are the most important part of the V Shape, why do you spend less time on your pulls and more time on your pushes? Simple. The pushes work the visible muscles and the pulls work the behind the scenes muscles.

Here’s the remedy: the Perfect V Solution.

Spend 2 months focusing only on the muscles that develop your V. Then you can go back to your usual split with a much better, shapely base.

Aside from that solution, make sure you’re not only performing pulls as much, if not more than your pushes, make sure you’re pulling from every plain and angle. Don’t simply work on vertical or horizontal pulls. Your back is made of up more different muscles that require varying angles than any other body part. If you’re going to develop your back like I’m sure you’d like to, each muscle group needs to be developed.

Parting Thoughts

What you’ve been led to believe thus far is that the V shape is reserved for those who are willing to take drugs and those blessed with incredible genetics. This isn’t so. Sure, it’s easier for some to acquire – and I’m not in that boat. It takes more discipline and structure to my training for me to trim my waist and add breadth to my upper V. It’s just the way it is.

If it’s more difficult for you to develop this type of body does that mean that you quit? Of course not. Or at least it shouldn’t. It just means that you have to work a little harder and a little smarted. So what? That’s life. If you want something you have to do what’s necessary to achieve it.

If you want to build a perfect V, use this article to get you closer to that desired end. Also, sign up to my online training course. I’ll go over every aspect of building the ideal body, taking your goals and obstacles into consideration, and it’s free. So join. Talk soon. Be Legendary.