How Bulking Can Ruin Your Lean Gains

And there we have the answer as to why bodybuilders can bulk with success. While they do get fat (some get very fat), they don’t limit their muscle gains like you or I because they’re taking testosterone from an artificial source.

Now, I actually don’t have any moral or ethical issue with steroids. If you want to take them, take them, I just think there’s a better way to go about it:

By helping your body produce more testosterone naturally.

By taking steroids you’re essentially telling your balls that you don’t need them to work because, somehow, your testosterone levels are already high. We’ll talk about it a bit in below, but there are ways (even simply lowering your body fat percentage) that you can make your body produce more testosterone which will help you build more muscle, burn more fat, and build your ideal body without having to take drugs or stuff your face like it’s your last meal.


The Solution: How to Gain Muscle By Producing More Testosterone

So if bulking isn’t the solution to the scrawny gene, then what is?

Well, eating a high amount of carbohydrates all day will not only increase your body fat percentage, but the constant spike in insulin will result in lower energy levels as well, which can translate to less productive training.

But you still need carbs, right?

Of course. Carbs aren’t the enemy, it’s the timing of your carbohydrate intake that you want to add some strategy to.

After you’ve left the gym your insulin sensitivity is at an all time high. This means that your body will use more carbohydrates to feed your muscle, than it will do store as body fat for future use. This is when you need to be consuming a lot of carbohydrates and lean proteins.

With the spike in insulin, you’ll also be sending more of the protein you’re consuming to your muscles so they can repair them, and help them get stronger and bigger. This is why a post workout shake is so important, and a meal a couple hours later that has some good carbohydrates and lean proteins.

A good protein shake:

  • 1 cup of assorted berries
  • milk
  • ISO SMOOTH Protein Powder (casein, whey, and whey isolate, the best blend)

What do you eat the rest of the day?

The goal of the skinny guy is to add weight, lean weight, muscular weight. So we need carbohydrates, but we also need to be eating in a way that will naturally enhance our testosterone levels.

Enter, fats.

Testosterone is created in your balls when they convert cholesterol into the powerful man hormone known as testosterone. Cholesterol comes from fats, namely saturated, monounsaturated, and polysaturated fats. That is, fats that come from animals (the best source), nuts, fruits, and vegetables.

If you’re on a lower fat diet, you’re not producing the testosterone you could be producing.

Fill the remainder of your day with things like eggs, beef, bison (any gamy meat), avocado, Brazil nuts, almonds, and fish. And eat plenty. Don’t worry about getting fat from eating fat, you won’t. What will happen is your testosterone levels will rise, helping you recover from your workouts, and burn the fat that lowers your T levels and has the adverse effects.

Do not have carbs when you’re consuming fats, unless those carbs are low glycemic and in your post workout meal. Keep your fats accompanied by vegetables only. This way you won’t experience the spike in insulin that will result in your fats being stored as bodyfat.

Stop Bulking

To sum things up, bulking works best if you’re taking testosterone from an external source. If you’re not, it will lower your testosterone levels, making you gain more fat, and the gaining of the fat will in turn diminish your T levels even further.

Have a post workout shake, and one meal post workout that is high in carbohydrates and lean proteins. For the rest of the day consume meals that are high in natural fats (trans fats are the fat you need to avoid) and protein. If you find it extremely hard to gain muscle or weight, pair your fats with low glycemic carbs like quinoa and yams, but keep carbs out of your breakfast regardless, here’s why: eat meat for breakfast.

And, most importantly, train hard. Very hard. If you’re of the “muscle-resistant” group like I was, use this program to help you gain up to a pound a week of lean muscle. Enjoy. Be Legendary.