5 Good Reasons Men Should Be Working Out

I’ve talked about motivation to train at length. How it makes us better, more capable men. I’ve talked about our reasons for training and how that should propel us to not only create a great body, but improve other areas of our lives as well. But it’s time we have a woman’s perspective on this topic…

A couple weeks ago I introduced you to Steffi Sorensen. She gave us a kick-ass blog post – read it here: 7 Badass Exercises – and has once again delivered a great article about why we need to train. Read, take heed, and let this awesome article lead to an awesome week in the gym.

1. Women are in your rear view mirrorSteffi Sorensen

Unless you have been living in a bubble for the past 4 or 5 years you’re now accustomed to sharing squat racks and barbells with female companions. Maybe even doing the same weight. Strong, as they say, is the new skinny. And, fellas…women are now catching up. Almost too close. I have seen women out bench and out squat men in the gym…Dana Linn Bailey anyone?

Whether or not that is a good thing is up to you. However, are you really going to let a girl out lift you? That should get some testosterone brewing. Get in the gym and start getting stronger!

2. Preparation for life

I’m not a crossfitter or imposing crossfit onto anyone because I really cant get over the kipping, but Rich Froning, the fittest man in the world, is and should be a great inspiration for all. When asked why he trains so hard, he says he trains for LIFE. Because you never know what it will throw at you. I think that is the greatest reason to train. I want to be able to survive anything.

Men in general assume the role of the protector. If you’re a bodybuilder, thats great, but can you chase down a criminal who robbed your girlfriend? Probably not…If you’re out of shape and the guys want to get together for a football game, can you rely on your natural ability to impress the female crowd? I’ll let you answer that.

The point is training hard can have a huge impact on what you can bring to the table for a lady and also being able to endure and outlast whatever comes your way. This is the way of the true Alpha Male. A guy that can handle anything, anyone, and any situation.

3. Boost Confidence

Now that you’re training hard and lifting, getting your body into shape, not only does that help you look better, sharpen your mental toughness, and challenge your psyche, but let’s not avoid the obvious… it will boost your confidence. Your posture starts to get a little better, you’re not afraid to take your shirt off at the beach, and women can sense that confidence a mile away and its extremely attractive. Another pay off to getting your workout in.

As an aside (Chad here), confidence is an extremely attractive characteristic to the opposite sex. Not cockiness, but confidence. And the good ones can tell the difference. We’re after the good ones. So let your training not only help you feel confidence about how you look, but also how you perform (which may give you the greatest jolt of confidence you can get). Confidence is an important characteristic of an alpha maleContinue Reading on PAGE 2 >>>