32 Rules For The Game of Life

I’m man enough to admit it, that as the tank rolled up, and the sacrifices of the father had all come to fruition, and the boy was happy, safe, and completely ignorant to the atrocities he’d survived, a tear trickled down my cheek. If you don’t know what I’m walking about, you need to watch the movie, Life is Beautiful. There is, in every moment, a reason to smile. Amidst every turmoil, a reason to rejoice. Life, with all of its ups and downs, peaks and valleys, is an adventure; a beautifully crafted game that only a few ever understand how to play.

Most fail to see it as such. And it isn’t always action-packed, sometimes the adventure exists in the hustle, the grind, and the persistence that we partake in, never knowing when and if the light at the end of the tunnel will appear. But that uncertainty is a part of what makes life real, raw, and unpredictable. It’s what makes it beautiful.

Life isn’t for those who accept their fate. It’s not for the timid souls afraid to step outside of their boundaries. Those who live limited by fear are in a coma-like state that has all of the appearances of life, but none of the rewards.

Life is beautiful. It’s a blank canvas ready for the master to paint his masterpiece. You are that master. Let these rules guide you through your masterpiece.

Life is Beautiful

32 Rules for The Game of Life

1. Never back down from a fight.

Never let your fear beat you. Ever. Never let anyone push you around, bully you, or take advantage of your. You’re stronger than you think. It’s only when you know you have that power, and you know you can conquer those fears, that walking away becomes an option.

Obviously, use discretion with this rule.

2. Live within your means.

Don’t live beyond what you can afford. It’s a stupid, irresponsible way of life that is plaguing a generation, and will continue to plague generations to come. In this game of life, you need money – it isn’t the root of happiness, but it will allow for freedom. Don’t let it rule your life, but also don’t depend on money for fun.

Live within your means. Play this game like a man, not like a child who sees what he wants, buys it, and fails to think about the effects of his present actions on his future.

3. Don’t infuse business with emotion.rules for life

Play the game of life ruthlessly. I’m serious. Don’t make business decisions with your emotions. This can often also apply to relationships, and every other facet of life. Keep your emotions out of your decision making. Let your rational side take the lead in most of these circumstances.

4. Persist.

This game is one part about the moment, and the experience, but also about outlasting the other players. Never relent. Never give in. It’s always when you’re about to quit that you’re closer than you realize. It’s those who persist that realize. It’s those who never give up that become the men and women who make a difference in this world, and in their own lives and those of their families.

5. Take time to enjoy where you are.

Part of playing the game of life, is enjoying said game. If you’re not enjoying the game, you’re not living. No matter what you’re doing, where you are, or who you’re with, take a moment, right now, to enjoy it.

Think about how great your life is. Because it is. Take in a few deep breaths, let life fill your lungs, and enjoy the wonderful ride.

6. Do what you’re afraid of.

Let fear be a compass, not a deterrent. When you face your fears, you become stronger. Simple. When you run from them, you become weaker. If you’re here to live, to create something lasting, you have to constantly grow, evolve, and improve. To face your fears is the only way to do all three.

7. Never be easy on yourself, life won’t.

Don’t make excuses for yourself. Don’t pamper yourself. Don’t put yourself first like so many self-help, wishy-washy, head-in-the-clouds guru’s tell you to do. Be hard on yourself. Have grit. Put others first. And only reward yourself when it’s truly earned.

We learn much in the same way today, as we did when we were kids. We learn by rewarding ourselves. If we’re rewarded constantly and for no reason, we have no incentive to work, to hustle, and to grow. Only reward yourself when it’s earned.

8. Always find time to laugh.

Find time to laugh every single day. The Office or Jimmy Kimmel Live or Seinfeld are my go-to’s. Have something, a buddy, a youtube clip, anything in your day that will make you laugh. Life is useless without joy and laughter. Laugh heavy and often.

9. Don’t find yourself. Create yourself.

No one finds themselves. It’s a useless venture. Creating yourself, however, is a fruitful adventure. Step out into the world and create yourself. Use these rules to guide your journey. But have the balls to understand that who you become is completely under your control.

10. Live outside of your comfort zone.

The game of life is played outside of your comfort zone. Thus, it’s only truly played by a small percentage. Within your comfort zone you’re but a pon. It’s when you move outside of your boundaries that you gain control of your life, your destiny, and you decide the kind of life you are to live.

11. Dream big. Act Bigger.

It’s the man who dreams big that opens himself up to accomplishing great things. Without first having great dreams, great adventures can never occur. But dreams, alone, aren’t enough. Great actions are all that will be remembered.

Set big, hairy, audacious goals, then march through life, leading with your heart and your balls, and make your actions even greater than your goals.

self reliance12. Become self-reliant.

Play the game on your own terms. Become a jack of all trades. No man should have to rely on others for anything, ideally that is. A man should be able to make his own way in this world, on his own laurels. He should be able to survive, nay, thrive on his own. Don’t be dependent, be self-reliant.

13. Hate no one.

No one should deserve your hate. If they’re evil enough to warrant it, don’t give it to them. Despise them, but don’t fill your heart with that evil energy that hate brings.

14. Defend everyone.

There are bad people on this planet who prey on the weak. They need to be destroyed, and the weak, defended. Always be that guy willing to step in and defend someone who needs it. There truly is no better way to die.

15. Never worry. Never resist.

Always identify the absolute worst that can happen, and accept it. Nothing should bring about worry in your life. Bad things happen, don’t resist them, move with them. Let them shape who you are and are going to become in a good way, not a bad one.

16. Measure Everything.

It’s not enough to keep moving forward, you need to know where you stand. In business, everything needs to be measured. This is also true with your goals in life. Measure all of them. Know where you are and how far you have to go.

You won’t win the game if you don’t know where the hell you are in relation to the end.

17. Keep a healthy body.

Train your body daily. A fat, unhealthy body leads to failure with half of these rules. A strong, healthy body enables you to do great things, and be a man of honor, integrity, and wealth. Be healthy and strong, and your life will follow suit.

Read this to build a stronger body: How I Transformed My Body

18. Cultivate a healthy mind.

Read often. It’s in books that much of your personal growth will occur, along with traveling and experience. Find an hour every single day to read. And read everything. A healthy mind will ward off depression, and will allow you to think clearly, converse effectively, argue passionately, and live voraciously.

Know the game’s ins and outs, and outmaneuver the rules.

19. Learn how to delegate.

You don’t have to be 100% hands on 100% of the time. Some stuff just isn’t worth your time. Learn how to pass things off in your business to others who will do just as good of a job, so you can spend time on the big things that energize you, make you money, and build your business.

20. Have a short memory.

Don’t live with baggage. Live life weightless, free, and with a purpose. There’s only one moment that exists, and it’s happening right now. Let the moment be the only thing you focus on. The future exists for your goals and dreams, but if you spend time there, or in the past, you can be sure to have failure as your best friend.

Beauty and life are in the present. Your mission is as well. Live only in the now. Never wander away from the present. Continue Reading on Page 2 >>>