How Fear Will Shape Your Legacy

The warrior, on the other hand, has the wherewithal to see that fear is what stops him from writing that book, embarking on that trip, ending that relationship. And he takes the necessary steps to take fear head on, not run from battle by not acknowledging its real, and powerful existence.

The coward ignores his fears because he’s too afraid to face them.

The warrior accepts fear as a part of life.

The coward is limited by his fear. The warrior allows his fear to help him grow, evolve, and create what he wants to build of his life.

How to Use Fear To Your Advantage

Fear is real. It’s a part of life. The trick is in using fear to your advantage, instead of allowing it to consume and take over your life. Fear should be your compass, not gage.

Your greatest fear in life isn’t to run into a bear in the woods. Your deepest fear is give in to fear, rather than taking it head on. That kind of life, a life controlled by fear, leads to regret, resentment, and an unfulfilled existence.

Identify what you’re really scared to fail at. Most people will avoid the battle, and rationalize not even trying it. But it’s those things that scare you, that invigorate you. Write that book, screenplay, or letter. Start that website, business, or non-profit. Ask out that babe you’ve been meaning to ask out, the one you walk past everyday but can never muster up the courage to ask her on a date. Even if she ain’t worth it, the experience will help you grow, and maybe down the road have the courage to talk to the beauty who is.