The Brotherhood

I remember walking into the ring for my first fight, I almost couldn’t breathe. The butterflies were unlike anything I’d ever experienced. And it wasn’t because of the likelihood of pain or that chance that I could get hurt, it was because of the notion that all of the hard work I’d put in preparing for this moment could be flushed down the drain with a loss. I was walking into the squared circle alone, in front of a couple hundred people, to fight another human being. It was nerve-racking.

gatti-ward-prieteniThat’s when the bell rings and those nerves flush from your system, your instincts and training kick in, and the battle begins.

There’s a brotherhood amongst fighters. It’s an aknowledgement that you’re – at the very least –  tough enough to step in to the ring, the cage, or on to the mat, and fight. You didn’t wimp out. The rest of your life might be a different story, but in that moment you stood and fought like a man.

When I watch fights I usually watch them with one of two buddies – both former fighters. At the very least we shield one other from the meathead comments like, “I’d do a better job than this guy”, or “this is a boring fight”, or “these guys are wimps”.

We know that if we could do a better job, we’d be in there. That if these guys were wimps, they would have chosen a different profession. And that sometimes appreciating the strategy of a “boring fight” is just as exciting as a brawl between two guys who left caution in the locker room.

For some time now I’ve wanted to bring that brotherhood of boxing to you. I’ve schemed, worked, and re-worked how to give you those Legendary workouts that have been passed through generations of trainers. Those workouts that have forged the most ripped athletes – and humans – on the planet for over a hundred years. Finally, I’ve been able to make this goal a reality, and one that turned out far better than I’d ever hoped it would.

Bringing That Brotherhood to Youdempsey

Boxing brought a new level of intensity to my training. I was never as ripped as I was when I was fighting. I never felt so much pain in a workout, or got the results from a workout, than when I was training like a fighter, as a fighter.

It was the workouts, not necessarily the goal of winning the fight, that led to such incredible results and such Legendary training sessions.

They’re the workouts that were passed down from generation to generation, being perfected and evolving along the way. My trainer’s trainer taught him when he fought, as did his trainer’s trainer, and so forth. When I was working out I felt that link between what I was doing to what Marciano and Ali did, to what Gatti and Ward did. Even without a fight I was a part of this Legendary brotherhood.

I trained with them. The posters that dawned the open brick walls of my boxing made me feel as though Ali had his eyes on me as I trained; that Ray Robinson was critiquing my left hook, or that Arturo Gatti was watching me skip.

Everything was old school, but that hasn’t changed, it still is. The exercises are hard and intense. The equipment, iron, rubber, leather, or rope; a call back to a time before plastic even existed.

Pain was the goal, steel the result.

Brining the Old School, to Light

Fads come and go. If you’ve been here long enough – on this site, or simply training for a long enough time – you know that they don’t work, which is why they don’t last. Zumba, aerobics, and jazzercise have had their time in the sun. They’ve failed you. Now we put an end to that nonsense. Now it’s time to bring back the old school, to uncover the shroud that has kept the everyday man and woman on the other side of what works.

That old school, work your ass off, take no prisoner’s program is Fat Loss TKO.

Fat Loss Programs Don’t Work, This Does

I created the PowerHowse Challenge to give you access to the techniques that helped me gain 32 pounds of lean muscle in 32 weeks. It’s stuff that a lot of people don’t know, and won’t know, unless they’re given the specific plan. That plan – the PHC – gives them (you) what they need from a training, nutrition, and lifestyle aspect to transform their body – to bring that warrior from within, out in to the open.

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