It Isn’t About Us: Why We Train

The guy on my right might be a prick for all I know, he might be vain, he may be a deadbeat dad and so forth, but it doesn’t look like that. It looks like he’s genuine, that he cares, and that his wife and daughter feel that love and caring.

gladiator field

I Train for Something That Doesn’t Yet Exist

One of my goals in life is to be a good Dad. I’m in no rush, mind you, but that’s something that I want. It’s a large part of why I work so hard on my business, but also my body.

Actually, primarily why I work on body.

I talk about gaining confidence, and the confidence I gained from having a 6 pack year round, or having my ideal body year round, staying in great shape year round. And I do, I gain a lot of confidence from that, but it goes deeper than just confidence. It’s more than just about me, it’s about them – it’s even about my parents.

What’s funny is that I haven’t met them, not one of them, yet they’re who I train for. They’re why I stay in great shape. I’m going to be a good protector. I’m going to be the warrior that they need, not just to serve as a protector, but to show – physically – that I love them by being in good shape, staying healthy, and being a strong man.

Building a great body isn’t a selfish endeavor like every site and “internet marketing” fitness guru claims it to be.


Being fat, too weak and skinny, is. That’s the selfish endeavor. Oddly, laziness is far more selfish than getting a six pack, ripped muscles, and a great body.

Why do you want a great body?

To feel confident. Why? So you can get the girl. Why? So you can love her and she will love you, so you can have some meaning in your life other than work, drinking with pals and random fornication. So you can build a family, love that family, protect that family, live your warrior spirit, and give your purpose – whatever your other purpose is – more meaning, and more value.

If you have that family, that love in your life, you’re already there. You may want to build a better body for confidence, still, but that confidence is tied deeply into being a better warrior, protector, and father.

Maybe you won’t have a family, maybe that’s not in your future – or mine, who knows – but it’s still not about you. We’re building better businesses, better bodies, and becoming better people for someone. Our purpose, our mission, that thing that drives us, that object of our ambition, isn’t just the calling of our souls to do something great for our own gain, it’s to give. To give something of ourselves to the world.

Being in great shape is a piece of that puzzle. It’s a piece of all of our puzzles. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you want in life, if you’re going to act out the warrior you are within, you’re going to need this piece of the puzzle.

That’s why I train. It’s why you train.

When we get down to the root of why we all do what we do, it’s not just about us.

the warrior within

Do What You Gotta Do

Do whatever you have to do to be the protector, the warrior, that Legendary Man that you’re meant to be. All I can say is, the program that has helped me the most in the past, and will continue to for many years to come, is that same program that helped me gain 32 pounds of lean muscle in 32 weeks; the PowerHowse Challenge.

For you, it could mean becoming a stronger man, a leaner man, or simply a fitter human being. It could give you the focus and plan of attack you need to get in the best shape of your life – or there could be another program out there that’s a better fit. This, however, is why we train.

It isn’t the six pack abs or the bulging biceps, it’s love. It’s us showing our families, friends, and loved one’s that we care enough about them to protect them, to be a warrior, and to live long enough to see our purpose and our mission through. Why does the warrior fight? Why do you train? The answers are one in the same.