My Mission. Will You Help Me Carry it Out?

You, like I, are on a mission to create something indelible. We’re not here for mediocrity. We’re not trying to blend in; to be amongst the crowd. We aren’t concerned with being average, with creating average lives, taking the easy path, or building average bodies.

We have the fundamental understanding that life is a gift, one that shan’t be wasted, but also one that can end at any minute. At all times we have this in the back of our minds. It pushes us to work harder, to break through our fears, and to conquer that which holds us back from greatness.

Greatness; we aren’t after fame. Fame isn’t the measure of greatness, but a byproduct of being good at something and being recognized for it. Or, in some cases, fame simply means being popular for no good reason, and of no merit. Nor is it the focus of being Legendary. Within each of us it has its own meaning. Whatever that meaning may be, we must identify it. This is our purpose. It’s greater than anything else in our lives, in that it pushes us to be greater in every other area of our lives. It’s our purpose, our mission, our passion. It’s our great escape.

Not only are we not here to be average and to create an average existence, but we have a stinging distaste for it. We hate mediocrity so passionately that we do everything within our control to ensure that all areas of our life don’t fall under that category. No one will call us an average man, a mediocre parent, an ‘ok’ worker, or a ‘solid’ lover. We’ll have nothing of it. Which brings me to my mission.

Why This Site Is HereLegendary Man

This site is here to draw out the warrior and to quell the worrier. It’s here forge the hero while destroying the coward. To ignite the fire within you. It’s here to turn that spark into a flame, that flame into a blaze, and that blaze into an inferno. It – and I – exist to turn that boy into a man, that lapdog into a leader.

That average man into a Legend.

Where some fitness sites concern themselves with the latest fads and the coolest tips to get you quick, but seldom-lasting results, we’re molding clay, hardening it for the rest of your life into the man, the body, and the person you should be today, and want to become for tomorrow.

This site isn’t merely here for a physical transformation, a set of before and after pics, and a moment of perfection. It’s here for a lifetime of health, strength, and power. A body that you can construct and maintain for a lifetime. A spirit that can withstand any obstacle, heartache, and rise above.

We’re here to help you in every way possible, be Legendary every single fucking day of your life!

My Legendary Evolution

I get emails daily from guys who are where I was. It doesn’t matter their age or place in life, it’s the mentality that I can resonate and empathize with because it wasn’t long ago that I was in their shoes, and there are moments where I am there once again.

There was a time when I was scrawny and weak. A time that no matter what I did, I felt that the warrior I knew I had within, would never be displayed by my exterior; my body. There were also moments when I was a bitch to life, a lapdog to a lady, a selfish guy, a mean guy, an unsuccessful guy, and there will be more of these moments to come, I’m sure of it. But I don’t fear these moments, because I’ve beaten them senselessly before, and I will again. I’ve learned how to rise above them, and you will too.

I, like you, am evolving daily. I’m growing into a better man, a stronger man, a more successful one as well. I’m far from where I want to be, or where I will be, but this site – and everything involved in this business – will be the platform where I share the reasons for my evolution, and the tactics that will help you in yours.

I’ve had a few transformations or evolutions in my life; I’ve helped others experience the same, and I’m going to help you go even further. I want to help you transform your body like I did mine – whether you’re trying to burn fat, build muscle, or become a better athlete and a healthier man, I’m going to help you get there by giving you the programs, the information, the plans, and the workouts to get you there.

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