A Glass of Scotch, And A Mission: Be Legendary

Truth: I have regrets. We all do. To say we don’t is to twist the truth. There’s good in each lesson we learn, but that doesn’t mean we don’t regret the stupid shit we do and the mistakes we make that didn’t need to have been made. I regret not taking the steps I did with my business in 2012 – or even thus far in 2013 – earlier. I didn’t take it seriously enough. And I regret it. Nothing I can do about it now, except tell you that if you have a thought, an idea, something that you want to pursue, give everything you have to that thing. Have tunnel vision. Let other areas of your life slip – maybe not as bad as Arnold did – but give it everything you have. Be a good man, a real man, treat others with respect, if you find love, snatch it up, but never let that dream take a backseat. If you find a lady in the middle of your hustle, make her understand that by you giving this dream so much of your energy and time, she’s going to have a more complete husband in the future. This is, in part, for her. For her future, and for your families future.

Truth: **For the young guys. The guys emailing me about a lack of confidence with women.*** I spent too many years being scared to approach beautiful girls. I missed out on some good ones, most likely because of that. Here’s a disturbing fact that one of my best friends told me in my early twenties. Something that, odly enough has stuck, and has given me a realistic view of these beautiful and confusing creatures:

Even the most beautiful woman in the world drops a deuce everyday.

These angels. The tens. The Victoria’s Secret models, they all go number two. It’s gross, yes. But keep that in mind next time you feel butterflies when you see a girl. When you’re weak at the knees, and that weakness holds you back from talking to her. Think about that simple, gross, but real fact: they’re human. And RELAX!

When it’s brought you back to reality, and stopped you from conjuring up this perfect angel in your head, one that’s “too good for you”, and instead allowed you to see the real beauty that stands before you, talk to her. Compliment her on her eyes, something unique that most people probably wouldn’t notice. And just start talking.

Be a good guy. Be respectful. Treat her like a princess. But don’t let fear stop you from being her man.

Question: If I were a stud at everything. What would I do tomorrow?

Question: If I could live anywhere, where would I live?

Question: If I could look like anything (body), what would it look like?

Question: If I could do anything for a living, what would I do?

Question: What do I love to do? Money doesn’t matter. What people think of me doesn’t matter. With that, what do I love to do more than anything else?

Question: If I could be better at something, what would that be?

Question: Am I working hard enough?2013-01-19 21.23.12

Question: Am I setting big enough goals?

Question: Am I sleeping too much, watching too much TV, and wasting my life being a lazy ass?

Question: Am I who I want to be?

Question: If I’m not now, what can I do to become the man I know I can be? This isn’t a vision of another person. No.

You are who you are for a reason, a very good reason. NEVER try and be someone else. In fact, spend time trying to be more like who you are. Get to the core of the man you are, and be HIM. Just be him better than you’ve ever been.

Question: What are my top 5 values?

Question: If I could choose who I spend my time with, who would those people be? What would they do for a living? What would their values and passions be?

Fact: We limit ourselves by worries and fear. We don’t set high enough goals. And we wish far more than we do.

As I think about that initial question, “What makes the great people in history great?” It’s action, and it’s a belief, no, an understanding that there isn’t a whole lot that is impossible, really. If you’re willing to do more work than anyone. If you’re willing to dedicate yourself more than anyone, you can pretty much do anything you want to do.

Know the facts that I’ve written here. Add to them in the comments section, and answer every question I’ve written down here for you.

This moment, whenever you’re reading this, wherever you are, is the moment where you start living.

“Write drunk; edit sober.” Ernest Hemingway

Glass done. Article over. Be Legendary.