Dream Board

The Dream. The Reality. The Road. The Future.

The Dream Board.

The desktop background that I look at everyday, although incomplete, lacking important details that won’t fit on a 15 inch screen, encompasses my dream.

Things aren’t why I work hard. Money isn’t my primary motivator. All that money is, is a measuring point. If I’m the best at what I do,  I’ll be compensated as such. I’ll help more people who’ll tell more people how my programs, emails, and articles have helped them in some way.

Looking at this desktop background, or my dream board, inspires me. I can’t look at it, then stop a task and leave it incomplete. It keeps me focused on what I need to do to get where I need to be. Not want, need. Will have.

Dream Board

The Reality.

The reality is that I work, and I work a lot. I make mistakes, but I learn from them. For 8 years I “failed” at creating my dream body – yet, I’ve never failed at anything. Those 8 years weren’t failures. I was improving and learning how to succeed.

The same goes for my business. I’m learning how to present great content so you’ll benefit from it and tell others how you’ve benefited from it. I love waking up at 5 am 5 days a week, and 6 am on weekends to do what I love. I’ve had many successes that bring me closer and closer to where I’m going.

Every day is filled with learning experiences; both from a failure and a success standpoint.

The reality isn’t the dream, yet.

The Road Less Travelled.

Sure, friends have created their dream, doing what they love. It’s not like I’m the first to do that. But I’m paving my own path because of my own audacious goals.

Sacrifice, discipline, and perseverance are prerequisites on the road less travelled.

Set a big goal, but don’t ever tread lightly. Break down the barriers that threaten to slow you down. Failure isn’t the end, it’s a part of the process. And a necessary one at that.

The Future.

I love to dream but I give my dreams the respect of treating them as if they’re already here, waiting for me to accept them. Waiting for me to make the right moves, take the necessary steps, do the work, make the sacrifices, and take the risks I need to take to meet them along the path that already is.

My life is good. I’m healthy, I have a business that I love, friends and family that are true and lifelong. But the day I stop moving forward. The day I settle. Is a day that will never come.

To Be Legendary, you have to dream Legendary dreams, think Legendary thoughts, make Legendary mistakes, learn Legendary lessons, take Legendary risks, and work with a Legendary passion.

Dream Board

Bring your dreams to light. Create a dream board on a big piece of cardboard, or on your computer.

Look at where you are going to be, what you are going to have, and the life you are going to live, every single morning and night of your life. Don’t let a day go by when your dream isn’t ingrained in your soul like the red hot brand on the ass of a cow.

Then do everything in your power to make that dream a reality.

My Dream Board

The Aston Martin Rapide sedan

The Rough Crafts Iron Guerrilla (bike)

The Cane Corso

The House

The Office

Categories for Your Dream Board

– cars
– bikes
– homes
– appartments

Places – where do you want to live, climate, dream destination.
– where do you want to travel to.

– a picture of a how you’d like your relationship to be.
I have a picture of two old folks holding hands that I’d love to end up like. They look truly happy.

– dream job
– dream customer base (who you’d like to help)
– dream office
– dream walk to work

Are you living at your true potential?
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  • Dean Phillips

    Dream boards Are Huge!

    Love them with a passion, so much i rock a dream book too

    slightly quirky 100% cool and awesome though

    • http://www.chadhowsefitness.com/ Chad Howse

      Ya man they really are awesome. I can't wait to have these things in my life – which would mean I've had a massive impact on the people I want to have an impact on.

      Motivating as shite too!

  • Jeff W

    Chad, really cool article dude. I'm a boxer and I've plastered my walls with pictures of champions. Kind of the same idea?

    I'm going to do this tonight. I can see how something like this can keep you motivated dude, I love it!

    • http://www.chadhowsefitness.com/ Chad Howse

      Same idea for sure man. It's truly is motivating. The only problem with having it as a desktop background is that I get mesmerized by it for FAR too long.

  • Wes Mitchell

    Chad, I've read about the law of attraction before, and have actually incorporated it into my life as well. As a father, husband, and businessman I see how it's helped bring me to where I am today in many ways.

    And, as always, you bring a unique angle to it man. I really appreciate these articles you're coming out with these days. They're a cut above man, they really are.

    About your PowerHowse Challenge – how is it for a guy in his early thirties with a family, a company, and not a lot of time on my hands?

    Regards, Wes.

    • http://www.chadhowsefitness.com/ Chad Howse

      Wes that's great to hear, man. I like hearing from guys a bit older than I about how it's had a positive effect on your life. Great to hear.

      And yes, the PHC is perfect for what you're looking for. The cardio routine (which I don't talk about much) is awesome. It'll help you get in great shape. I just did one of the cardio routines today and it kicked my ass.

      Any questions let me know.

  • Turling

    This is awesome. And, the site works now! I'm doing this today. Number 1, house at the end of a gravel road…

    • http://www.chadhowsefitness.com/ Chad Howse

      Love it man. It's actually a really fun activity to do.
      I have a longer one that goes through all of the categories I mention at the bottom. It goes hand it hand with another exercise I do: my perfect day.

  • Chris

    Awsome article!! I learned about the dream board through my cousin a few months back, and it keeps me inspired everyday, through hard and good. Thanks for all your content!! Its easy to find a lot websites that claim "to know how to get you ripped in 2 weeks" but your content has helped me out a lot this past month and offers well rounded advice not just about workouts and exercise, but about life as well. Thanks for your help!!

    • http://www.chadhowsefitness.com/ Chad Howse

      Chris no problem man, I'm glad you like the site and I'm glad I can help in any way.

      Keep moving forward man. I'll have some more training articles coming up that you're going to like.

  • Tom

    Love the Dream Board. But, I believe I have found a bike that may motivate you more than the Iron Guerrilla: http://confederate.com/hellcat/benchmarks

    • http://www.chadhowsefitness.com/ Chad Howse

      Holy. Shit.

  • http://www.practicalwisdomthatworks.com Mara Enid

    Great post. i love how you talk about how the images inspire you to take action. People often forget about the take action part but the mind, body and soul all play a role.

    • http://www.chadhowsefitness.com/ Chad Howse

      Well said Mara – glad you enjoyed the post!

  • Havabeer

    Might seem a weird question but I’m interested, why the Cane Corso?

    • http://www.chadhowsefitness.com/blog/2011/01/20-characteristics-of-a-real-man/ Chad Howse

      The history of the dog. Bred from the dog the Romans used in war. I actually bought a Dogo Argentino while down here in Argentina. So the Corso will have to wait.

      • Havabeer

        Ah cool. Mine is the Airedale Terrier. Messenger dog in WWI and used by the police force in the UK until the German Shepherd became the preferred LE breed.