My 9 Daily Practices

You don’t have time to be both happy and mediocre. ~ Seth Godin

So, what are you doing everyday to make your life a happier, and more extraordinary one?

Here’s an idea of some simple things that I do pretty much every day. They’re things or practices that help me focus, inspire me, give me energy, make me happy or even help me recover faster. Some you may like and incorporate into your routine. Others you might not. Either way let me know some of the things you do daily that you find help your progress.

the 5 am wake-up

Sometimes it’s 6 am, but there’s something invigorating about getting up a couple of hours before the sun rises. By the time 8 am rolls around I’ve got a massive chunk of my work completed. I find that I think more clearly in the wee hours as well.

20 oz of water

We spend the night with our organs completely functioning and using H2O, but never being supplied with any. The result is that we’re dehydrated come morning time. Every day I drink 2-3 big glasses of water upon rising. It hydrates my muscles, gets my metabolism working overdrive early, and wakes me up. This is usually preceded by a nice splash of cold water on my face.

read for 30-ish minutes

Before I write I read. Much of my job includes writing. Two things that help me write better:

1. Reading a good, well-written book – which right now is Tribes by Seth Godin.

2. Coffee.

Reading before I really get into my day is one of the best things I’ve incorporated into my day’s. It really helps me focus, gives me great ideas, and it’s done in silence. So much of our lives are surrounded by noise. It’s nice to have some quiet thinking time to start each day.


Coffee’s usually preceded by a cup or two of green tea. But before I start writing my articles, emails, and whatever else I’m writing, I drink coffee. This morning it was an espresso made with coffee and a Moka Pot (stove top espresso maker) that my parents brought me from a recent trip to Italy. What a great gift!

There’s something about coffee that gets my brain alert and working, and the words flowing from my fingers to the computer screen.

low carb breakfast

There’s no one way to write, think, read, workout, or eat. But as of the past year or so I’ve started having a high fat, high vegetable and low carb breakfast which usually consists of 3-4 eggs, veggies, and a few slices of grass-fed bacon.

Recent studies have shown that our fat cells are more receptive to spikes in insulin in the morning. Meaning carbohydrates are more likely to be stored as fat rather than used as fuel. High fat helps us maintain muscle, but also raises testosterone levels especially when consumed in the morning or before bed.

That being said, oatmeal is still great for you, so don’t freak out if you’re eating oatmeal. And if you’re trying to build muscle, whole carbs are always a great choice.


Sitting down doesn’t count as a break from sitting down. Get up and get moving. Go play basketball. Ride a bike with a friend. Or even just walk to lunch. You’ll be a lot healthier, and productive as a result.

the afternoon/evening

Whatever I do in the afternoon – usually work or errands – I make sure I have a meal that’s high in carbs and lean protein an hour before my workout. I also take a pre workout shake, then have another high carb and high lean protein meal after my workout.

Wasting time is useless, and wasting a workout is no different. Ensuring that you’re eating the right thing before and after a workout will contribute or inhibit your success in a big way.

the night cap

My mind’s always going which can be a problem late at night – although it’s actually gotten a lot better as of late. However, I still enjoy a night cap a 3 or 4 times a week. It’s almost always Scotch. The brands and years vary but it really does help calm the mind, and accompanied by a good book it’s a nice end to the night.

testosterone boosting snack

Before I go to bed I have 3,000-5,000 IU’s of vitamin D3 along with 3 brazil nuts and an egg or two. Consuming fats before bed has been proven to naturally increase testosterone levels in men. More testosterone = greater recovery = more muscle.

I also have zinc and magnesium before bed. Zinc has also been shown to aid in tissue repair.

So what is it that you do everyday, that makes your life better?