How to Make Every Workout Legendary

Mediocrity is useless. There’s no point to it and yet that’s what we aim for in so many areas of our lives. Our training is no different. Some of that has to do with how we approach our training. But a lot of it has to do with the lack of understand just how important 1 workout is.

Get Inspired.

Walking into the gym and simply doing what you have written down is a great way to have a mediocre workout. Yes, you got it done. But doing something isn’t the point. It’s how you do it that makes it average or Legendary.

I can play basketball, but the way in which Michael Jordan plays the game is Legendary. It’s a work of art. I can fight, but the way Bruce Lee fought was beautiful. And Bruce Lee is a Legend.

So how do we walk into that gym – the place we’ve been a thousand times – and do something that is extraordinary?

Understand Why.

Everything in life has meaning. We just need to identify it and understand it. We are in the gym for an incredibly important reason. Incredibly important. We’re not just working out because we know we should, or because we want to look good. We’re working out to save our lives, but also to give us the best opportunity at a great life. We’re training because building a better performing, healthier, and better-looking body gives us confidence.

Confidence is one of the most important things to have in the life. If I didn’t have confidence, I wouldn’t be doing my dream job. If Michael Jordan didn’t have confidence, we wouldn’t know who Michael Jordan is. Before anyone can have faith in you, you first have to have faith in yourself. And believe it or not, training absolutely helps us accomplish this.

We’re training because we never know if we’ll be put in a situation where we have to try and save a life. The kind of condition we’re in will determine whether or not we’ll be successful. Imagine if it’s your wife or your child? Keep that in mind every time you walk into the gym and you’ll achieve greatness.

We’re training because of our family. By working our hardest we’re adding years to our lives. Quality years. Years filled with energy and passion where we can give everything we have to our families. If training for yourself isn’t enough to inspire you, understand the other people in your life that will benefit from you being a healthier, stronger, and more confident person.

Do 1 More.

Within every set there’s a point where it gets painful. A couple reps after that we quit. What we didn’t know, is that the extra 2, 3 or even 1 rep that we could have done makes the most difference.

It’s the pain we feel in our muscles that builds muscle. It’s the pain we feel in our lungs that helps them expand. It’s pain that gives us a healthier heart, more confidence, and a better, longer life. Always try and do one more. The reps where we feel pain are the only one’s that count.

Know Your Body.

Aside from the mental and emotional methods that get us primed for a great workout, what are the physical cues that can inspire us, motivate us, or simple wake us up?

1. Pre Workout

Ze shake. If you need something to hype you up before a workout, I’d suggest taking  pre workout supplement of some kind. I love Bluestar’s Extrememe Rush. It’s the highest quality I’ve tried – and I’ve tried a lot of them – and it actually works.

2. Music

Listen to something on your way into the gym that’ll either put things into perspective and motivate you with the words, or pump you up because it’s that kind of music.

3. The Video.

Watch this video before you train!

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