Gain Lean Muscle

How I Built MY Perfect Body

Gain Lean Muscle

The guy above (me) is by no means anywhere near to being perfect. In my mind, there’s not even such thing as a ten when it comes to pure looks – care to argue? We all have imperfections.

Yet I have built my perfect body…

And I know how you can build yours too.

Coming from where I’ve come from: the years of failing to change my scrawny and weak physique, there’s not all that much I’d change about the body I have today – if anything. Does that mean that I’m not trying to improve? For shite’s sake of course not! I’m in the gym like clockwork 4 days a week, working me arse off. I eat healthy, and in a way that will help me stay healthy and achieve my goals.

I’m more than content with how I look. And I look like I do above year round. There’s no cutting, dieting, or fasting. There’s beer, steak, and enjoying life. And I really want to help you get there to because it’s a great feeling. And to be honest, it’s a lot simpler than you may thing – but it ain’t all that easy.

But it wasn’t always like this, not even close.

transformationI get 10-20 emails a day from guys and girls who are frustrated with the lack of results they’re getting. And I respond to them as fast as possible because I know that exact feeling.

I started lifting weights when I was 16, and I stayed almost the same weight until I was 23. That’s 7 years of training, with little to no gains.

When I finally figured out – or actually I was told – what the hell I was doing wrong, and what I should be doing to make this right, I gained 32 pounds of lean, athletic, and powerful muscle in only 32 weeks!

What was I doing wrong?

Well, among a host of other things, I was:

1. I was trying too hard not to get fat.

I wasn’t eating enough carbs before, during, or after my workout. I wasn’t giving my body fuel to burn during my workouts, and as a result I ended up burning muscle and storing fats. Our bodies need fuel, and by not eating enough carbs before, during, or after our workouts, we’re not giving them anything to burn, as a result, it looks internally to for fuel…

Now, you might think that it would look to fat, but fat is our last line of defence, and our bodies know this. We actually burn muscle before we burn fat. And we store fat, just in case we don’t get that fuel that we need. And thus, the skinny fat man is created!

2. I was training far too long.

The duration of each session lasted at least 1.5 hours, if not 2 hours each session. I thought the harder the work, the better the results. And yes, greater intensity will mean better results, but longer sessions actually means more burning of muscle.

When we get past that 60-minute mark of intense physical activity, we release a fight-or-flight hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is released to give our organs – the things we need to survive – fuel so they can function properly. How it does this is it takes fuel away from our muscles and bones, and actually burns our muscle and bone in an effort to feed our organs. This is great if we’re in survival mode, like we would have been 5,000 years ago, but not when we’re training.

A couple ways to combat this is to give your body fuel before, during, and after your workout. But to also keep your workouts to intense sessions that don’t give over that 60-minute mark.

Me and this guy – this muscular and athletic trainer of professional athletes who was the head trainer at a gym that I was now working at put together a plan. We took out what I was doing wrong, and made a system that would help me reach all of my goals.

I say all of my goals because I had a lot of goals – a lot more than the average person, large in part because I had no desire to be average.

My Perfect Body

When I was skinnier, and even today, my perfect body is a lot more than just muscle. I wanted 30 pounds of muscle (I’ve since gained 40). I wanted it to be lean muscle. I wanted a 6 pack year around, none of this bulking and cutting bullshit.

I knew what I wanted, but I didn’t have the road map to get me there. When this guy came along and helped me, he drew a straight line between me and my goals. He showed me the fastest, most effective path to take to build my perfect body.

Now I share that same direct line to your goals with you.

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