Building Your Arsenal – Athletic Power (Free Workout)

When people talk about a complete, well-rounded fighter, they say “he has a lot of weapons in his arsenal.” But the same can apply to us ‘normal’ guys as well. We also want to be well-rounded, not just having muscle, but lean and athletic muscle. Not just having power, but power that lasts. And not just being in great shape, but being great Dad’s, boyfriend’s, and friends.

You don’t have to be an elite athlete to do the training in the video. Your goal doesn’t just have to be building athletic power – although it will be a side-effect. If you’re looking to build LEAN muscle, or get shredded while improving your athleticism, this type of training is a great method to implement into your routine.

The Breakdown

  • Circuits of 3 exercises focusing on building power and strength. I added a weight vest with 45 pounds in it for a bit of added resistance, which I suggest doing if you have access to one and you need the added resistance. Complete each circuit 3 times with 45-60 seconds rest in between each set.
  • The reps aren’t that high – 10 reps or lower in each exercise – because we’re focusing on building power and strength, but because you’re supersetting 3 exercises together, you end up improving your cardiovascular system and muscular endurance as well – especially with the exercises in the routine.
  • Not only is it a full body workout, but every exercise is a compound exercise from cleans – which work your legs, shoulders, traps, and hips and is one of the best exercises around for improving power – plyometric push-ups which work your chest, triceps and shoulders and are another great upper body power-building exercises.
  • The other thing we’re doing is not just focusing on one-shot power, but by combining exercises that are for pure power – like cleans at 3 reps – with exercises that have higher reps – like heavy bag tosses at 10 reps – we’re making sure that power lasts.
  • We’re also not keeping the blood in one area for an extended period of time which is what you’ll find in bodybuilding, but isn’t very realistic for athletic training. We’re not only doing pushes, but adding chin-ups and lunge jumps into the set to make it a more realistic workout for athletics.

Big tip

Because the reps are a bit lower, really focus on exploding in each rep and not just going through the motions. We’re going after quality reps in this workout, not just quantity.

Changes to the Workout

Here are a few changes you can make to the workout, for example heavy bag toss might be a bit tough, or you may not have access to a heavy bag, so I’ll give you another option below.

Circuit 1

Snatch – Dumbbell Snatch

Heavy Bag Throws – Russian get-up (or) Lumberjack Press

Med Ball Slams – Sledge Hammer Slams

Circuit 2

Cleans – Deadlift (or) Front Squat (or) Heavy Upright Row

Kettlebell Swings – you can just use dumbbells

Stair Jumps – Frog Jumps (or) Box Jumps

Circuit 3

Plyo Push-ups – Push-ups

Chin-ups – Lat Pulldowns

Lunge Jumps – Lunges

If you have any questions please ask – enjoy the workout!


What’s the #1 thing missing from your arsenal? Is is power? Speed? Muscle? Fat loss?