Building YOUR Ideal Body

Photo by Erica Chan Photography

We all have different goals when it comes to fitness, we also have different starting points and desired results.

And no, we’re never going to build the perfect body, at least in our own minds. There will always be something that we don’t like, something that we’re a bit insecure about or something that we’d like to change. That’s what makes us human.

If there was absolutely no insecurity, no vulnerability, and no need for improvement, we’d probably be the worst person in the world to hang out with.

A large part of getting in great shape, adding muscle, losing fat, and building a body you’re proud of, is to build confidence. But confidence doesn’t mean you think you’re imperfect, it means you’re happy with the way you are. Actually let me rephrase that, it means you’re proud of who you are and how you look.

Yes, there are still some things that you’re a little insecure about, but they don’t really come up that often. You don’t spend even a minute a day thinking about them.

I know confidence isn’t only predicated on a body you’re happy with. Confidence comes from being raised right, it comes from hard work, pushing yourself to try new things and venture into new situations that are out of your comfort zone. But having a body that you like to see in the mirror every now and then helps, it really does.

How do I know? Well, I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum. I’ve gained over 35 pounds of lean muscle. And yes, I’m insecure about things, but I’m a whole lot happier being insecure about little things than being plain old insecure about the whole package.

I always had a deep rooted confidence in who I was because of the wonderful parents I have. I was and am confident enough to take a stand on something I think is wrong, even if I’m the minority. I’ve always been confident enough to go for it, to try my best and not sell myself short.

But I wasn’t always confident walking up to a girl and asking her out on a date. I wasn’t always confident enough to take my shirt off at the beach. It’s not that I’m looking for the opportunity now, actually there’s still a tad of reluctance, but it doesn’t really exist. There isn’t really a decision, I’m just at the beach, it’s hot out, so the logical thing to do would be to take the ol’ shirt off and catch some rays.

Being confident doesn’t hang on whether I’m in great shape or looking a little sloppy, by any means. But it really does feel good to be in great shape, both from a looks standpoint and a performance one. Some people don’t get it. They don’t get the appeal to being in great shape.

For others, it just makes sense. You live longer, live better, live healthier, look better, and feel better. For those of you who get the appeal to getting in great shape I encourage you to take action. Make a goal that you’ll be X weight in 3 months. Make it a short goal, something hard, but attainable, and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it, or discourage you from living the absolute best life you possibly can.

If you need any help long the way just ask!


What’s the #1 thing holding you back from building your ideal body?