Build the Body Women Want

Christian Bale did a good job bulking up for Batman Begins.

Recognize your motivation and be real with it. EVERY guy wants a body women find attractive. It might not be your #1 reason for working out, maybe not even your 3rd, 4th, or 5th, but on some level we all want a body that women find attractive.

If you’re shaking your head in defiance to the article so far ask yourself, “do you want a body that women find unattractive?” I’m pretty sure there isn’t a guy on the planet who’d say yes to that question.

The reality is we want to be noticed by good looking girls, and good looking girls notice guys that are good looking. You’re not going to get noticed in a good way if you’re too skinny and sickly looking, you’re also not going to get noticed in a good way if you’re too fat. I hate to say it but it’s true. There are obviously guys on either end of the spectrum that are married or going out with smoking hot girls, but it’s not because of their looks or their bodies and their lady probably wasn’t attracted to them at first glance.

I’m writing this out of experience. I was a toothpick and I was never the first guy in the room getting eyed up and down by a girl, so I know that being just skin and bone doesn’t make a girl all hot and bothered at first glance and it won’t get you dates if you have no personality or charm.

Having gained what is now more than 35 pounds of lean muscle, I have a body I’m confident with, and a girlfriend who finds me attractive (and I obviously think she’s as beautiful as they come). Guys and girls are similar in many ways, when a guy first starts dating a girl, his buddies ask if she’s hot, and when a girl first dates a guy all of her friends ask if he’s hot. It feels a lot better knowing that my girlfriend says yes to that question than it would otherwise!

But what physical traits do women find attractive, or what kind of body catches their eye?

Studies have shown that it’s not the skinny guy or the fat guy that women would choose first if choosing were based solely on looks. But it’s also not the massive guy with monstrous muscles who looks like a freak.

Women want a guy who looks good with or without clothes on. A guy who looks athletic, lean and muscular, without going overboard. You have to be able to look good in a nice suit, but also a nice bathing suit.

Have you ever heard of the “V” shape? Well that’s an idea of what women are looking for. They want a guy with broad shoulders, a decent sized chest and back, solid sized arms and a thin waste that tapers down into a “V”. But they also want some meat on the legs, which means decent sized quads, and calves that don’t look like they’re going to break underneath a massive upper body. A body that fits that description is shaped more like an “X” than a “V”, so we’ll call it an “X” shaped body.

Assuming a girl’s going to see you with your clothes on the first time you meet, she’s going to notice your frame before she notices the details. So broad shoulders and thick enough chest, back and thighs will originally catch her eye. Then she’ll notice your arms and maybe calves if you’re wearing shorts, although “a don doesn’t wear shorts, it’s undignified.” Carmine Lupertazzi – The Sopranos

Love that quote, anyways, over the next few blog posts I’ll be going over a few tips each article on how to build that “X” frame, or the body that women want. I’ll start off tomorrow with shoulders, then work my way down.

As you may know I do think there’s such thing as a useless body that has no purpose. Having a body that not only looks athletic, but is athletic will also be the focus of each post. So the exercises won’t just help you build muscle, but also power, speed, endurance and athleticism.

Comment on this article – I’d really like to heard EVERYONE’S point of view on this one.



What do you consider the ideal body-type?

What body part do you notice first?


What body part do you need to work on most?

And if you disagree or agree with this article let me know!