How to lift in a crappy gym

Here’s a quick example of a workout you can do on vacation when you’ve got nothing to work with.

A lot of the time these hotel gyms are pretty crappy and don’t have a lot of weight in them so what you’ll be forced to do is work with higher reps and drop sets.

Today I did a simple and quick full body workout only using my major muscle groups and compound exercises – exercises that work more than on muscle at a time –  and no concentration exercises – exercises that concentrate on one muscle group at a time, such as biceps curls.

I kept the rest to 45 seconds. I did 3 sets to failure of each exercise, I ended up doing quite a bit of reps for each exercise because of the weight and worked in a superset here and there.

Next time you’re in a hotel, even if the gym is crappy, get a workout in, there’s always something you can do to push your body and get that body you’ve always wanted.