Chest + Shoulders + Triceps Workout

Here’s a workout I did the other day. It was all pushes, concentrating on chest, shoulders and triceps.

In the video I show you one set of each exercise I did that day. Here’s a breakdown of the reps and sets I actually did.

Keep in mind when I say 10 reps, that’s the reps you’re aiming for, not necessarily what you complete. On some sets I was aiming for 10 but only actually got to 6 or 7.

The key is to get a weight that you fail at 10 on the first set, and stick with that weight for the remaining sets. On the last set you may fail at 5 or 6.

Also for each set of exercises I kept my rest periods to 45 seconds each. It made for a quick, intense and exhausting workout.

Give it a shot next time you’re doing a pushing workout, let me know how it goes.

Set 1 – Chest

Bench – heavy with back on ground – 5 sets of 5 reps

For this one actually do 5 each time, you may fail at 4 but don’t go any lower.

Set 2 – Chest + Shoulders superset

Standing press – 3 sets of 8 reps

Medicine ball push-ups – 3 sets of failure

The push-ups are a body weight exercise and I don’t want to put a reps limitation on them, just go till you fail.

Set 3 – Shoulders

Lateral Plate Raises – 3 sets of 12 reps

It’s tough to find the right weight with these, start out with a 25 lbs plate, if you do more than 12 then move up to a 35 lbs plate and continue from there.

Set 4  – Triceps + Chest

Dips – 3 sets of 10 with weight (fail) – drop and continue to failure

Med Ball touch push-ups – failure

This is primarily a triceps set but your chest and shoulders will automatically be worked as well. Do short push-ups, this will activate your tri’s.

Set 5 – Rear Deltoids

Bent over lateral raises – 1 set of 50 reps

This is a killer for the last set. You can switch this and the plate laterals up to get a different workout. Go heavy, 3 sets of 10 reps of bent over laterals for set 3 and 1 set of 100 reps of standing lateral raises for the last set. This will get the blood rushing to your shoulders for sure!

Good Luck!