5 Things I Learned in 2009

Claire + Chad central park

If you haven’t noticed I’ve been taking some time off for Christmas but I thought it would be nice to have a year end review about what I’ve learned in 2009.

This year’s been a big one in the learning department. I’ve started my own business, built my own site and have started writing an ebook. I also went to New York for the first time, Vegas for the first time, met the most amazing girl and we’ve been going out since the summer:).

Each of the things I’ve mentioned have resulted in a lot of lessons learned and each have been eye opening experiences in their own right. I could write a list that’ll go on forever but I’ve keep it to 5 big ones.

Here’s the 5 most important lessons I learned in 2009.

  1. Be yourself. If you’re not, then the wrong person will always come along, and if you are, there’s always someone out there for you. Don’t just be yourself but be happy with who you are. Finding someone who you care about, and you’d do anything for is an amazing feeling.
  2. Be receptive to help. I’ve always been the kind of guy who wanted to make it on my own. I love to give and help people but when it came to receiving help from others I wasn’t always open to it. Within the past year I’ve really opened myself up to receiving like I never have before and as a result I’ve learned more about business, what I want to do with my life and what I’m passionate about than all of my previous years combined!
  3. I’ve always looked for the good in bad situations, but with different experiences and different struggles come different lessons; lessons that are often harder to find good within them. When things seem bad, I’ve found that there’s room to grow as a person, or when you want to be mad and angry, there are chances to understand instead.
  4. Identify what’s important and what could be pushed aside for another time. This has helped me big time this year. At times I’ve felt overwhelmed with all I have to learn or all the work I’ve got to get done, but identifying what needs to be done first has allowed me to focus and cut out the noise that has surrounded me in the past when I’ve got a lot on my plate.
  5. I’ve learned a ton in the gym this year, but most importantly I learned how to bring the intensity of my boxing training into my weight room training and it’s done wonders for my gains! I’m in and out in less than 30 minutes and I’m getting bigger and leaner everyday. Intense, short workouts beat long, drawn-out workouts any day in my books. If you can get the same or even better gains in less time, you just have to work harder, why not?

What have you learned this year?