Balanced Life: 3 Fat Loss Exercises – Video

Here are 3 great exercises for fat loss. I included 2 variations of the first two exercises in case you wanted to mix it up a bit.

Exercises where you’re moving through space are great, like burpees. You’ll burn a ton of extra calories by implementing them into your workouts.

Try a circuit like the one in the video. It’s all body weight, you don’t always need weights and fancy equipment to get a good workout in.

A few other things to remember with fat loss:

  1. Meal frequency – you’ll hear me talk about this a lot, but try and get 5-6 meals in daily. You should be eating approximately every 3 hours. This will keep your body burning calories by consistently having to digest your meals.
  2. Green Tea – foods and drinks like green tea, oatmeal, even spicy foods are great at boosting the metabolism.
  3. Running – running isn’t always the best form of cardio. Circuits like the one in the video that are intense are great for fat loss, spiking you HR then bringing it back down during rest ends up burning a great deal of fat.
  4. Water – you should be drinking a lot of water whether your goal is to burn fat of gain lean muscle or both. I fill up a 4L jug of water at the beginning of the day and have it finished by the end of the day.

Fat loss, like trying to gain weight requires hard work, the harder your work the better your results will be.

Good Luck!