What makes the difference between a good and GREAT workout?


How intense you are and how hard you work can make almost any program effective.

I used to go to the gym and chat with some buddies on my breaks, not paying attention to my rest time. It wasn’t until I kept my eye on the clock and my mind into each and every rep that I started seeing real results.

Wanderlei working hard. Look at his face, he's gonna burst!
Wanderlei working hard. Look at his face, he’s gonna burst!

My workouts used to be 1.5 hours, now they’re 30-40 minutes and which do you think have given me better results?

The shorter workouts!

I’m working harder than I ever had in the gym and even though I’m spending the least amount of time I ever have in there, I’m getting the best results of my life.

A sample of these workouts will be up soon…

Working smarter is will also make a world of difference in you succeeding or failing in trying to reach your fitness goals.

Like I said I’ve shortened my workouts and I’m getting better results. Aside from working harder, I’m also working smarter.

Workout smarter! This guy looks reaaal smart...
Workout smarter! This guy looks reaaal smart…

I’m changing my reps and sets every 3 weeks so my body doesn’t have time to adapt to the stress I’m putting it through when I’m working out.

Here’s an example:

3 weeks ago:

4 day split – giant sets, 3 exercises 3x each, done consecutively for reps of 10 or less. A combination of different body parts done everyday.

Next 3 weeks

4 day split – giant sets – 2 exercises per muscle group, 2 sets each muscle group (the second set is till failure + a drop set at the end) and I get half of my muscle groups done Monday +Thursday and the other half Tuesday + Saturday.

3 weeks later I’ll move on to something else, then I’ll work these two workouts back into the mix.

To summarize, I got my best results when I began to work really hard. I got even better results when I began to work smarter as well.

If you have any questions let me know!

I’ll put up a few pdf files of sample workouts in the next week or so.

Good Luck!