How to effectively eat. That is, how to eat meals that taste great, are easy to prepare, and help us build lean, athletic muscle.

Bruce Lee Workout

Part II: How to Get Ripped. Forever.

Statue of Bruce Lee The goal of this 'Get Ripped' series…

My 9 Daily Practices

You don't have time to be both happy and mediocre. ~ Seth…
How to Build Lean Muscle

Magic Pill: The Fastest Way to Build Lean Muscle

Strong. Powerful. And Confident. That's how I see myself. I…
Ivan Drago

The Ivan Drago Workout

Ivan Drago, from Rocky IV Rocky IV has one of the best training…

The Perfect Man Diet (2 Huge Myths Taken Down)

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm... Why do we eat? Well, we eat because we…
Healthy Meals

My 5 Favorite Healthy, Muscle-Building Meals

  "T-N-T" - favourite meal #2 There's a lot of info…