How to improve speed, power, and endurance, becoming the most athletic, legendary man you can become.

Ivan Drago

The Ivan Drago Workout

Ivan Drago, from Rocky IV Rocky IV has one of the best training…
awesome things

10 Awesome Things

Count the awesomeness: my journal (left), the Locman sitting…

How to Get the Perfect Body

At it's base, training can be broken down into 4 categories: 1.…
Superman Muscle

Leap Tall Buildings In a Single Bound

In the last article - How to Become a Legend - I talked about…

Want Great Results? Gym NOT Necessary

I love training, and I love to head to the gym, lift heavy…
a Man's Man

Lift Like a Man!

Russel Crowe as James J. Braddock. A Man's Man. The thing's…
Alpha Male

How to Become the Alpha Male

What does every kid - and deep down every guy - want to be? We…
Chad Howse

Two Birds with One Stone: Building Muscle and Power

Ideally a workout should accomplish more than just one…
How to Be A Man

3 Quotes. 3 Lessons.

  The poster I have of James Dean on my wall. "I am…
Making good Choices

Bold Choices Take You Where You Are Supposed to Be

Life boils down to a series of choices. Before you know…
Astong VSG in NYC

5 Awesome Things

Grabbing an Ashton VSG in NYC with a buddy of mine. Our…

Men Are Born Protectors

Sometimes being a good protector is putting you own life…
Fat Burning Recipe's

Contributing Factors to Success

  To be successful in anything you need to have a few…
Live Life

Dying Daily to Live Fully

Dying Daily It’s a hard thing to wrap your head around.…
Transformation Tips

Interview with Sean Hyson

  This site is here to help you transform your body and…