Muscle Building Testimonial

Below are a few of the testimonials I’ve received from some of the reader’s of this site. A big thanks to all of you who were kind enough to share your stories, and your success through The PowerHowse Challenge Program, and the info I give on the site for free. Feedback like this makes all the work I do worth it. It’s great to see some of these results. I can’t wait to help you build your dream body and life.


Muscle Building TestimonialMuscle Building Success

Chad has was the motivating factor to take me from the ordinary to the extradinary. I was always the guy who went in to the gym every week knowing that I was doing the same thing I did the week before. The dynamic workouts I learned from Chad have forever changed my body and my lifestyle. I was tired of telling people I went to the gym four days a week but was scared to take my shirt off. His work outs JUST MAKE SENSE.

~Barry M.


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I was a bit skeptical at first when I started this program. I went from 165 to 170 I know that is not but what I lacked in size I made in strength. Now remember this may be a lot for the synthetic type. But this is about me. A few of my gains.

  • Squats 275 to 315 5 reps
  • Dead lift 255 to 315 5 to six reps
  • This was the one that I notice really big gains.
  • Chins palms forward 25 for 5 to 6 reps to 45 lbs for eight.

That was on a really pissed off day but still a good gain for me.

Right now it’s summer time lost some weight but still able to keep the dead lift and chins. This is the real deal. The knowledge that Chad has I highly recommend. Some days I pay for it, my body hurts like hell but well worth it even for a man at 40. Thank you Chad.

~Victor Ibarra
Chief Instructor
Ibarra Combative Arts


Muscle TestimonialMuscle Transformation


I trained for years, 6 days a week, for a couple hours each day. I even ate pretty good too, but I could never get the body that I wanted. That is, until I stumbled on to Chad’s site. As soon as I started his system, incorporating his theories into life, and my training, I began seeing results that I never thought were possible.

I went from up to 12 hours a week, to four 40-minute sessions that made me stronger, gave me more energy, and gave me the results I had wanted to see my whole life. Chad is a smart dude. His workouts are the best I’ve ever done and I can’t thank him enough for helping me out like he did!

~Ivan L.


Live a great life

I’m pretty active and surf quite a bit, but have never been able to retain any kind of size or weight, even with lifting – which I had a hard time sticking with because I would get too sore and stiff to surf and never went consistently. I emailed you a while back asking for some advice and finally decided to start using your tips. You have motivated me to train more and take control. In about 3 weeks I gained a solid 8-10 pounds. I feel much stronger, surf stronger and have more energy. I have sent the link to your site to all of my friends. Thanks again.

~Nick O.


“I was somewhat lost when it came to workouts… I liked crossfit because of the intensity but there was no real muscle isolation and I wasn’t seeing results.  I found this workout plan and gave it a shot…  I now have a six pack for the first time ever, I weigh 175-180 am stoked with the weights I’m throwing up (I’m able to rep well over my weight in every major lift) and can run a mile and a half in 8:30… disgusting.  Oh ya, and I haven’t even started phase 3 yet…”

~ John Hoff

I can’t begin to tell you how much your workouts have changed my life.  I played sports my entire life, lifted weights since I was 14 and have done nothing but manual labor since I was 10 years old and I can honestly say I’ve never been in true peak physical shape until I found out about PowerHowse Fitness.  I can attest that this is the ultimate workout program.  If you want to look, feel, and act like a true man; then this is the workout for you.  This isn’t some late night infomercial bullshit, this is honest-to-goodness sweat, blood, and tears.  I’m not gonna lie and say this is an easy 10 minute type, miracle, fix-all workout.  This is a work-your-ass in the dirt type of workout.  But don’t let that put you off.  IF you’re willing to fight through some pain, work through some soreness, and just flat-out get after it, I PROMISE you’ll see results with this program.  I played college basketball at the Division 1 level and I can tell you, this program has done more in the past 6 months than college sports has ever done for me in 4 years.  Just to reitterate, this isn’t one of those corny 10 minute-I’m wearing spandex-Taibo-miracle fixes.  This is a true LIFESTYLE change.  Chad shows you the kind of workouts that your grandpa used to storm Normandy, and he practices what he preaches.  I can’t thank you enough Chad.
Kale Newkirk