The 3 Rep Ranges You Need for Maximal Muscle Growth

When I was getting my personal training certification many a year ago, I was told what hypertrophy is: a range of repetitions between 8-12 reps. Aside from being complete nonsense, it’s also counter-productive. If we focused on one range of repetitions with the same cadence for the entire time we train, we’ll plateau, and regress. Hypertrophy […]

Do Less. Gain More. How Skinny Guys Really Gain Muscle.

Skinny Guys Build Muscle

How Skinny Guys Really Build Muscle It’s 9:53 am. I can see the sun shining outside in what promises to be a beautiful day in Vancouver, BC. I’ve been up since 5 am, getting right into my muscle building morning routine, and my success morning routine. I do my exercises, drink my water, have my testosterone cocktail, […]

7 Things You Need To Do Every Morning to Build Lean Muscle

Muscle Building Morning Routine

Muscle Building Morning Routine A successful morning usually means a successful day. If we are productive from the word go. The rest of our day is surely to follow. In the world of building lean muscle this is no different. So why, then, do we start our day with no rhyme or reason? We wake […]

4 Problems. 4 Solutions.


Let’s do some problem solving… Sometimes the solution to our problems are a lot simpler than we think. Quite often these solutions are right under our noses. So, I bring you 4 common problems, and the solutions to those problems: 1. Can’t focus at work. When we’re focused and ‘tuned in’ to what we’re doing, […]

The Iron Guru

Vince Gironda Gym

Vince Gironda seen spotting the guy on the bench press. Vince Gironda was a man who was way before his time. He’s known as the “Iron Guru”, but also as the greatest personal trainer and muscle-building expert ever to live. He was a guy that believed steroid users were cheaters. A guy who believed in simplicity […]

Magic Pill: The Fastest Way to Build Lean Muscle

How to Build Lean Muscle

Strong. Powerful. And Confident. That’s how I see myself. I see myself as a guy that can handle myself and protect the people I love. I see myself having the confidence to walk up to my dream girl and starting a conversation. The guy who can do what I want, when I want. Not in […]

How to Get the Perfect Body


At it’s base, training can be broken down into 4 categories: 1. Powerlifting 2. Cardiovascular Training 3. Olympic-Lifting 4. Bodybuilding You could also add in training for athleticism, but that would be more of a hybrid of all of the above. When you’re training to improve your athleticism, you’re training for athletic power (Olympic Lifting), […]

Two Birds with One Stone: Building Muscle and Power

Chad Howse

Ideally a workout should accomplish more than just one thing… It should help improve lean mass gains, while also helping you improve your athleticism. A workout – ideally – shouldn’t just accomplish one thing, and it doesn’t need to simply accomplish one thing to be successful. A lot of it has to do with tempo, […]

How to Get Bigger. Faster. Stronger.

Gain Lean Muscle

  How to Get Bigger Hypertrophy is the increase in size of muscle cells. There are a number of theories as to which form of hypertrophy training is the most effective. Some say that focusing on a rep count is best – usually around 8-12 reps – others say that time under tension (TUT) is […]

My Pre, During, and Post-Workout Routine

Pre Workout Supplement

Three cups of Green Tea a day has been shown to help with muscle recovery. I get a ton of questions about pre-workout nutrition, post workout nutrition, what I use as far as supplements are concerned and so forth. So, I figured I’d answer all of those emails with one awesome blog post You’ve heard […]

How to Get in Great Shape and Still Enjoy The ‘Finer Things’ in Life

Cigar Fitness

Do you need to deprive yourself of everything that is tasty, and enjoyable in order to build an awesome body and get in great shape? That’s what most people struggle with, myself included early on in my training. We think that you have to deprive ourselves. That building lean muscle, and getting a six-pack is […]

How to Gain Muscle and Lose Fat

Gain Muscle Lose Fat

How to Gain Muscle and Lose Fat The ultimate goal for a lot of us is to put on lean muscle. The kind we see in the comic books, on the cover of magazines and, yes, in our dreams. I wanted that lean, athletic-looking and muscular body for a long time, but didn’t know how […]

What I’ve Learned

Chad Howse

Blue steel? Lesson #1: don’t take yourself too seriously. I’m not ‘naturally’ like this If you’re frustrated because you feel like you can’t build muscle or lose fat, and you feel like no matter how hard you work and train, you can’t build the body you want. Know that I was born with a body […]