My 5 Favorite Healthy, Muscle-Building Meals

Healthy Meals

  “T-N-T” – favourite meal #2 There’s a lot of info out there regarding training. You can pretty much hit up any site and find a free workout (including mine —> HERE). Some work. Some suck. But the info’s out there. Where many of us run into problems is finding nutritional info that makes sense, […]

Say NO to Machines!

weight room machines

The machines in the weight room are like the water cooler in the office. It’s where everyone goes to chat and think they’re getting a workout in, except there’s probably less sweating going on at the machines than there is at the water cooler.

LEGS – Fat loss + Weight gain

Here’s a quick video I did the other day. Whether you’re trying to gain weight or lose weight, your legs are may be the most important group of muscles to work.

Quick Workout: Video

This video shows a great method to shortening up your workouts. I’ll do this same split for 3 weeks. It’s a great way to workout every muscle in two workouts. I’ll do each workout twice in a week each which allows my body more growth time than simply hitting each muscle once. The idea behind […]