How to Build More Muscle After You Hit 40

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How to Build Muscle After 40 Building muscle ISN’T a young man’s game. What I mean by that is… our teens – or even in some cases our early twenties – ISN’T the easiest time to build muscle, for a number of reasons. For one, our metabolism is too fast, and two we’re much more […]

The Boxer and the Key to Success… in Everything.

the boxer

The Boxer. The Real Man. Your Dream Body. Your Dream Life. Success is not glamorous. It’s riddled with blood, covered in sweat, and filled with tears. Those who deny this won’t see it realized. Those who fail to accept that life, success, and greatness is a fight. Will be beaten, hurt, and broken. They will […]

10 Unconventional Weight Room Mistakes

weight training mistakes

I’m looking in the mirror at the gym. My shoulders are about as wide as the girl standing next to me. My shirt, a medium, may as well have been a XXXL. To say I was skinny would be an understatement. I was a toothpick. I couldn’t find a shirt that would fit tight around my […]

Want to Gain Muscle? Leave Your EGO at the Door

Chris Evans Workout

Let me set the scene. The gym. You walk in, see an oddly shaped fellow on the bench press. Three plates dawn either side of the bar – a lot of weight, especially considering the guy isn’t that massive by any means. He presses the weight, stands up, face as red as mine was after […]