5 muscle building tips

7 Muscle Building Tips

This article’s special for you guys who are just starting out who want to gain lean mass but aren’t sure exactly where to begin. I was where you were, making every mistake that could possibly be made, but I guess that’s how you learn, right? Here are a few steps that helped me gain 30 […]

3 tips for skinny guys

3 tips for skinny guys

I get a lot of emails from guys who were in the same situation that I was in when I first started training. Guys in their early 20’s or late teens asking for advice about how to gain lean muscle mass, and I completely understand your frustrations; I was under 150 lbs of skin and bone […]

Sleep is the cousin of death – NONSENSE!

Sleep is the cousin of death

I couldn’t find a pic of me sleeping, so here’s my dog. I’ve heard this saying for years, that “sleep is the cousin of death.” The idea that while you’re sleeping, that someone else is out there working hard. And hard work brings success so sleeping must be evil…



Douchebags! Douchebagitis is a disease that’s been attacking gyms for years now.

Get Jacked! FREE Workout

Me and my dog enjoying a meal together.

I tried a bit of a different workout today. Instead of doing giant sets like I normally do, I just did supersets, followed by a giant + drop set.

Vegas Workout

What a trip! I shot this video while down in Las Vegas for a few days with some friends. It was an awesome trip. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Vegas but it’s a tough place to get a workout in!


Try a cup before your next workout, it helps speed up the fat burning process.

I’ll start this blog post off with an intellectually stimulating joke. So there’s this old Italian guy who’s new to the US and he’s still got his thick accent. His neighbors hate him so he asks his son, “whya do the neighborsa hate me? Whata I do to them?” His son says “I don’t know, […]