The Legendary Man

Legendary Man

If you make yourself more than just a man. If you devote yourself to an ideal. And if they can’t stop you. Then you become something else entirely… A Legend, Mr. Wayne. The Legendary Man The fight to become a Legendary Man is an arduous one. It’s multifaceted. There’s the physical and the physique, the mind, and […]

How to Get Ripped Forever: Intermittent Fasting


We all want to be ripped. Success ultimately lies in finding that balance of gaining – and even maintaining muscle – while burning fat. There are a few factors in achieving this. For one, we have to get hormones like Growth Hormone and Testosterone working overdrive, while lowering levels of bad hormones like cortisol. There […]

Part IV: How to Get Ripped. Forever.

Henry Cavill Imortals

Henry Cavill did a lot of work to get in this shape for the Immortals. You’ll see images of actors who get in amazing shape for a movie. Much is made of their transformation. Everyone wants to know what they did and how they achieved such impressive results. And then you hear about their training […]

Part II: How to Get Ripped. Forever.

Bruce Lee Workout

Statue of Bruce Lee The goal of this ‘Get Ripped‘ series is to give you strategies that both work, and are easy to follow. In order to get ripped, and stay ripped 365 days a year, there has to be alterations in our lifestyle. Dieting and following fads will always fail. But living a healthy […]

4 Problems. 4 Solutions.


Let’s do some problem solving… Sometimes the solution to our problems are a lot simpler than we think. Quite often these solutions are right under our noses. So, I bring you 4 common problems, and the solutions to those problems: 1. Can’t focus at work. When we’re focused and ‘tuned in’ to what we’re doing, […]

10 Unusual Tips to Burn Fat Faster


We all want fat loss in some form or another. Even if we’re trying to add on 30-40 pounds of muscle, I don’t know too many people who just want bulky, rounded muscle. Most people want to be ripped. Am I wrong? Well here’s the thing about fat loss… Fat loss is emotional. Think of […]

Want to Lose Fat in Less Time?


Here’s how… Cardio shouldn’t take forever Studies since Tabata’s Method in 1996 have shown that short, intense bursts followed by brief rest periods do more for the body in less time than longer, steady-state cardio routines. Although steady-state cardio (longer, slower cardio) definitely still has it’s place, more can be achieved in less time with […]

5 Tips to Shrink Your Waistline

Marciano eating a bowl of soup

Rocky Marciano 1. 100% Dedication One of the main things I’ve found with myself and clients I have worked with, is that we all have the capability to lose inches around our waste line. We start off great, maybe shedding an inch in our first week or two, then completely fall off the wagon. We […]

7 tips to lose the last 5 lbs of fat

get shredded

… and get “shredded” Sometimes the last 5 lbs of fat are the hardest to get rid of. A lot of us will plateau when we get around the last 5 or 10 lbs, or 2 or 3 % of body fat. It takes more commitment in the gym and in your cardio, but also […]

Supplements are supposed to “supplement”, not replace


The two top questions I get asked when I’m at the gym are: What are you training for? What are you taking? “Taking” of course means what supplements am I using. My attitude towards supplements is a bit of a mixed one. “Real foods” are packed with more nutrition, and a steadier stream of amino […]

What’s at the top of your list?

top of my list

In the grand scheme of things how important is being healthy and physically to you? Is it right at the top of your list, or is it something that’s more or less secondary to things like your family, friends, your career or even having a good time? A lot of the time we grade what’s […]

The war on calories

War on calories

Everywhere I look I see “zero calorie” this and “zero calorie” that. But since when are calories the enemy? Just like much of us are focusing on weight loss rather than fat loss, many of us are just as focused on eating “no calories” and we are focused on eating “the right calories“. Calories area […]

fat loss vs weight loss – Cardio for fat loss

Fat Loss vs Weight Loss - Cardio for Fat Loss

Cardio for fat loss Is your goal fat loss or weight loss? A lot of the time we say our goal is weight loss, but the weight we want to lose is fat. So why not have our goal be fat loss? Rather than concentrating on eliminating the fat in our body by eating healthy […]

fat loss vs weight loss – 5 steps for fat loss in the weight room

Weight training for fat loss

Part II Weight training for fat loss Before I got things all figured out with my training, I’d have two different workouts, one for fat loss and one for gaining lean mass and neither of them actually worked all that well. What I’d did is what a lot of people are doing, adding reps for […]

fat loss vs weight loss

Almonds eating for fat loss

Fat Loss vs Weight Loss … 3 part series Part 1: Eating to lose fat In the next three posts I’ll be talking about fat loss and the mentality that weight loss is the way to go. I’ll cover diet, weight training and cardio. I hear it all the time, “my goal is to lose […]