Three Reasons to Back Away From the Barbell

Three Reasons to Back Away From the Barbell is a guest post by Anthony Mychal.  Building a body that matters means spending a lot of time in the gym among the clam and clatter of barbells and iron. And while this isn’t necessarily a bad thing (big weights do build a big physique after all), a […]

How to Stop Wasting Time and Start Transforming Your Body

Gain Lean Muscle

  As you can see, I WAS NOT born with a body that would easily add muscle, or improve in other areas as well, like strength, speed and athleticism. Here are a few things that led to my eventual transformation… For starters, if I hadn’t eventually met the right person who helped me build the […]

Develop Power That Lasts

Lean Muscle Presentation

Rocky Marciano had power in the 1st and 15th round (when it counted the most). Power is a fast but brief exertion of force. The more weight you can move the faster, the more powerful you are. But that doesn’t really count in sports – unless you’re an Olympic lifter or power. We need power […]

the Best Way to Build Lean Muscle: Accidentally

reggie bush

Reggie Bush What do Reggie Bush, Wladimir Klitschko, and George St. Pierre all have in common? 1. They train to perform better. They focus in improving things like speed, power, endurance and quickness. 2. Each of them is as shredded as can be and physiques that a lot of guys would dream of having. So […]

How to Build LEAN Muscle

Chad Howse Lean Muscle

If your ultimate goal is to just build mass – then this blog post isn’t for you. But, if your goal is to build lean and athletic muscle mass, then read on. I was always a skinny kid growing up. In high school and college this didn’t change at all, even though I was trying, […]

Single Limb Training: Legs

Single “limb” training is a great way to correct any imbalances you may have developed over the years. It’s also a great way to break a plateau and get away from your normal everyday routine. Over a 3 part series I’ll be going over single limb training for lower body – today – upper body […]

How to Not Get Fat and Lazy

Jack Dempsey

I could’ve put a picture of Rocky Marciano here as well. I’m not sure if either him or Jack Dempsey ever took a step back in the ring. “If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards.” I’m going to take a break from the “Build the Body Women Want” series and give you guys this […]