3 Sure-Fire Methods for Peeled Six-Pack Abs without Muscle Loss

build lean muscle

One of the tricks with getting a six pack, and forging those defined abs, is keeping muscle loss at bay. As such, getting ripped abs isn’t simply a matter of reducing calories, it’s a little more complicated than that. Fortunately a good buddy of mine, Alain Gonzalez, has been kind enough to write an article […]

10 Minute Abs Shredding Workout

Here’s the 10 Minute Abs Shredding Workout I promised if you guys got up 25 comments on the “Build the Ideal Body: for Women” article. Thanks for chiming in, very much appreciated. The Workout: One part of developing defined, lean, athletic-looking 6-pack abs, is building the abdominal muscles. The second part to that equation is […]

5 Tips to Shrink Your Waistline

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Rocky Marciano 1. 100% Dedication One of the main things I’ve found with myself and clients I have worked with, is that we all have the capability to lose inches around our waste line. We start off great, maybe shedding an inch in our first week or two, then completely fall off the wagon. We […]

not getting results? change things up

change your workouts up

First of all, you should be following some kind of program whether you’re after fat loss or your goal is to gain lean muscle. You need a guideline, something that has progressions and changes as you get stronger and in better shape.

3 Effective Abdominal Exercises

Who doesn’t want a 6-pack, or at least a flatter stomach? Here’s a quick abdominal circuit. Do this full circuit 3x at the end of your workout. Choose 3 exercises Do all 3 in a row Rest for 30 seconds Go again 3 times