chad howse writing the perfect journal


Every year you set out to achieve something big, massive, ambitious and audacious, but every year you fall short.

I’m with you.

I’ve never actually accomplished a New Year’s Resolution.

Recently, however, I’ve been performing at a much higher quality. I’m actually getting the things done that I’ve wanted to get done for a couple years now, and I’ve completed them not in 12 months, but in less than 12 weeks (all of them, actually, the supplement company, the Man Diet book, the Lost Art of Discipline Book).

So what changed?

How did I go from a guy who accomplished some things, a guy who set big goals but never actually achieved them, to someone who’s achieving them in a quarter of the desired time frame?

I didn’t diminish my goals. I didn’t set safer targets.

In part, I used this journal and used the strategies within it to create what I wanted to create.

So how does it help?

When you open the journal you’re taken through the process by Dave Ruel, a good buddy of mine and a former business coach of mine.

You then set your biggest goals for the year.

Then, you determine what you need to accomplish within the quarter.

From there, it’s all about those ‘bucket’s, or the most important things you need to accomplish. You’re taken through a process that breaks down each of your (up to) 3 quarterly goals.

These are the big things, the game-changers.

For me this was book #1, book #2, supplement company.

From there you break these goals further down into weekly actions.

Then, you determine was habits you’d like to create (like checking financials every Monday, or working out every day).

The most powerful part of the journal is the structure of your day.

You have ONE most important task that must be completed, this is the thing that lines up with your biggest goals for the quarter. Then you have space for 4 other tasks (no more).

You also have a checklist for your training, hydration, diet, a section for ideas and notes, and a calendar for the day so you can create your plan, your structure for the day that will lead to success in your quarter.

I need this journal.

One of the reasons why I didn’t accomplish what I set out to accomplish in previous years, quarters, and months, is that I didn’t have the structure I needed to chase one, maybe two goals.

I’d get an idea, and I’d follow it, leaving the bigger, better goal behind.

Every day I wake up to a single thing that needs to be accomplished that brings me closer to my goal.

Dave actually sent me a free journal to test out in late September.

I wasn’t expecting it to be this good or this helpful. I’ve been searching for the right journal my entire life! I got so accustomed to using the thing, to needing the thing that, in a panic, instead of asking him for another freebie, I bought 4 more copies just to make sure I had it with me for the start of 2018, and for its duration.

The right journal can be powerful.

It should provide you with clarity, a clear focus, and urgency.

This accomplishes just that.

And FINALLY he’s selling the damn thing, so you can pick it up on sale (use the coupon code ALPHA10).

Pick it up. If you’re driven, one of your roadblocks is likely sticking with the plan initially set.

That’s one of mine. But a journal that uses the 12-week year instead of the 12 month year is invaluable, along with the process you’re taken through at the beginning of every quarter.

It makes you think. It makes you set goals that you’re actually serious about accomplishing.

Get after it.


Be Legendary,

Chad Howse