Discipline can be a hard sell…

… Or so I thought.

A few months ago I created The Lost Art of Discipline. It’s an ebook, a program for people to develop discipline.

I thought it would be wildly unpopular because most marketers point people to an enemy, an outside factor or reason as to why they haven’t achieved their goal yet.

It’s marketing 101, tell someone that it’s ‘not their fault’, they’ll buy, and then you’ll help them achieve the result they want.

Discipline is something you control, so selling something that puts the ownership on you shouldn’t do well. It did. Hundreds bought the program, and the emails are pouring in telling me how much they’re loving it and improving as a result of it.

The truth is fewer people are cowards and pussies than we all realize.

You’re likely reading this because you know that you control your reaction to events. You control your effort, whether you quit or stick with it, whether you waste money or invest it wisely.

You know that discipline is the root to your goal.

But discipline still needs an explanation.

It isn’t confining, but liberating. It doesn’t stick you in a box, it frees you to become who you want to become, today.

9 Reasons Why You Need to Become More Disciplined

1. You want freedom.

Freedom to endure, to set high goals and achieve them, to not be burdened by financial hardship. Freedom to build a strong body, to be tough and dangerous, to not be dependent on others for sustenance or safety.

Discipline equals freedom. It is the vehicle by which you achieve it. Men need freedom. We can’t get it if discipline isn’t at our foundation.

2. You need accomplishment.

Accomplishment is a necessary aspect of life. We need it to feel as though we’re here for a reason. It’s our evidence.

Without discipline you’re not going to get the accomplishment you crave or your family needs you to achieve.

3. You don’t want stress.

Discipline removes unnecessary stress and worry because it forces you to focus on what you can control, and do what you need to do.

There is no illogical fear about the future because you’re too disciplined, too focused, getting after it in the present.

4. You don’t want to be a slave to your desires.

Desires hold a lot of weight in our modern society…

… Amongst the losers.

They’re a slave to their desire to watch TV, sleep in, cheat on their lady, cheat on their diet, take a day off work, set safe goals that they know they can accomplish without much effort.

Your immediate desires should take a back seat to your overall desire to win. Discipline allows you to draw the battle lines and avoid being a slave.

5. You don’t want to be fat.

Life isn’t as good when you’re out of shape and overweight, and discipline helps you get in shape and get lean.

You’re not going to be able to hike, to pursue adventures, to work long hours, to have great sex, to maintain high testosterone levels if you’re fat. Discipline helps you avoid this obstacle that far too many people face.

6. You have pride.

You’re better than the masses and you know it. You take pride in your work, in what you do every day. You don’t blame others for your station in life, yet you thank others when things go great.

You’re above laziness. You need to be disciplined because you understand the gift that is life and you’re working daily to make it a justified one in your case.

7. You don’t want to die with regret (the big one).

This is really why you want to become more disciplined.

You don’t want to die with regret. That’s it. You don’t want to wish you worked harder or smarter or that you didn’t cheat on your lady, ruin your family life, or die with nothing because of a gambling addiction.

We can go deep with this…

You don’t want to die wishing that porn didn’t stop you from actually dating real women. You don’t want to die wishing that your desire for watching others live their lives on TV didn’t stop you from making something of yourself.

You don’t want to wish that you let your weak voice out-do your strong voice and allow you to go your entire life as a victim.

Discipline defeats regret.

Check Out the Lost Art of Discipline HERE

8. You’re dying.

Time is dwindling.

You’re dying.

To feel as though you were here for a reason, you need to accomplish something. You need to build a stronger body so you can do do something.

Don’t ignore death, embrace it. Let it show you what to spend your time doing and what to avoid.

9. You weren’t born with a silver spoon.

The greatest gift a man can be given is poverty.

Holy hell I’ll catch some crap for saying that, but it’s true.

I know rich kids. I know kids who were born with millions and billions, and the good ones seek value, to make it on their own, to prove that they’re here for a reason other than to waste their old man’s money.

The idiots waste that money, which is why familial wealth only lasts for a few generations, at best.

Poverty, what a fucking motivator. You have to be disciplined. You have to know what matters and what doesn’t. Money, wealth, things, they’re insignificant.

They really don’t matter. What are they?

The kid driving a Bently, that ain’t his. And the Bently, it’s a lovely machine, but it’s still a damn thing. There’s no soul, no meaning, no real value in it.

But to have to scrape buy, to learn frugality, to learn how to work the shittiest jobs to put food in your families mouth, that’s glorious, that’s living, to be on the edge and to climb the mountain or fall off the cliff, fuck, that’s a blessing.

Wear your poverty, your middle class status, wherever you are, with pride.

Whatever you make of yourself will be because of the help of others, make no mistake, you’ll have help, but you’ll get help because you are who you are.

An investment in you could never be deemed a waste.

This last point is for the guys who are looking on the Facebook and on the Instagram and watching fools look foolish flaunting gaudiness. You are the man. Those things will disappear, they aren’t real, and what you earn, you damn well earned.

Get after it.