Eat for testosterone.

If only it were that easy, right?

Well, it is. And only takes a few small tweaks to turn “everyday eating,” into Anabolic Eating.

So if you’re a guy who wants a massive surge in testosterone…

And craves the benefits of more T; like increased sex-drive, greater muscle gains, a leaner, more ripped body, and tons of energy… then peel open those eyelids and read every word in this article.

Because this one anabolic eating solution for men may transform the way you eat forever… and will give you a quick and all-natural solution to help raise your testosterone levels.

Anabolic Eating cuts through all the B.S. dieting information on the market…

Including those “bodybuilding diets” too. Like the “high protein” myth… You’ll see why in a minute.

So forget all you’ve heard. At least for the next two minutes. Then make your decision later.

What Is Anabolic Eating and How Does It Work?

Anabolic Eating is a testosterone optimization diet that includes two specific phases and a potent macronutrient breakdown for men…

Phase I: The anabolic fasting phase

During this phase, you’ll fast for 16 hours or more. This is known as intermittent fasting. Meaning, you consume zero calories for an allotted period of time.

Now, when I say zero calories, it means just that.

No fruit, vegetables, no smoothies, no coffee creamer. Not even a spritz of lemon in your sparkling water.

Instead, you can enjoy an assortment of teas (no honey, sugar, etc), black coffee (my favorite), and plenty of water…

Pro Tip: Drink filtered water out of glass bottles or glass cups only. Plastic water bottles contain BPA which has been shown to shrink your testosterone levels.

Keep exposure to plastics on the minimum.

Pro tip #2: If you’re not a coffee or tea drinker, it will be good to become one.

Green tea and coffee are proven natural appetite suppressants. Which will help you curb those hunger cravings in the last couple of hours leading up to your Anabolic Eating window.

I like to have two full 16 oz. cups of water, followed by a smooth cup of warm coffee. That’s my typical beverage rotation during my anabolic fasting window.

Warning: you’ll be pissing like a racehorse… but it’s cool. You’ll be in a legit anabolic state.

Now, most guys don’t know this… but every time you eat something, your testosterone levels actually take a nose dive.

Yes, even if it’s “healthy” carbs, fat, and protein sources.

Therefore, eating multiple meals throughout the day is only dragging your testosterone down.

However, when you are Anabolic Eating, you’re only altering your male hormones for 8 hours of the day instead of 16 hours or more.

So don’t listen to the “6 small meals per day” nonsense.

If you’re a man and you’re serious about your testosterone… which is your #1 biological resource for building muscle, having an unstoppable sex drive, and boosting mental focus and energy…

Then you need to ditch the “eat every two hours” mentality and become an anabolic man.

The only way to do that is by fasting.

Quickly Increase Testosterone Levels 180% In Two Days

And get this… according to the Department of Internal Medicine, Anabolic Fasting can increase your testosterone levels a whopping 180% in just two days…

Now the results of this study is taken from men who fasted for two days straight. Which is possible, but will take some mental fortitude.

Either way… anabolic fasting is proving itself a powerful testosterone boosting strategy.

And the party doesn’t stop there…

There’s another hormone men want to boost any chance they can get… and for the same benefits of testosterone. Growth hormone.

One study published from the University of Virginia Medical School found a simple 24 anabolic fast ramps up your natural growth hormone levels a colossal 2000%…

Yep, you read that correctly… “two-thousand”.

Also, as growth hormone increases, so does testosterone. So it’s a win-win for both of these man-making hormones.

Next up, the best part…

Pay close attention because we’re about to do some myth debunking.

Phase 2: The anabolic eating phase

This is where some strategy comes in.

Because most guys take this opportunity to pack their eight-hour window with tons of protein.

After all, popular fitness and bodybuilding magazines have made protein out to be the most “anabolic” macronutrient there is.

Not so fast. Because testosterone and high protein diets don’t mix.

A recent study published in the US National Library of Medicine shows men who consume a high protein, low carb diet had less testosterone than the control group consuming a high carb, low protein diet…

Just ten days into the study and the group consuming the high protein diet had a 36% drop in testosterone levels and also had higher cortisol levels…

Which, if you know anything about cortisol, it’s like kryptonite to your testosterone.

And we’re not even done yet!

Warning: your bodybuilder friends may come at you with pitchforks if you tell ‘em this…

According to the Department of Biology of Physical Activity, a 25g serving of casein protein, significantly lowers testosterone levels and growth hormone

Quite the contrary to what those bodybuilder magazines tell us…

You know, the one’s with the ads of some jacked dude slurping down the latest and greatest $90 dollar jug of protein…

I’ll go more into that in a moment…

Now, the experiment doesn’t test other protein sources, like chicken, egg whites, or tuna, yet we can know the “more protein makes you more anabolic” myth can be debunked from here on out.

So instead of a 25 gram protein shake post workout… I usually stick to around 20 grams of protein and from a very lean protein source like tuna or egg whites.

Macronutrient Breakdown For Boosting Testosterone Levels

Now… the “technical” part. Not that it’s really too technical… macros.

Although there’s typically no one-size-fits all answer, the majority of men can follow this anabolic macro breakdown for the most potent testosterone boosting results.

20% of daily calories are protein
40% of daily calories are carbohydrates
40% of daily calories are fat.

Here’s an example to model:

Say your goal is to lose fat. You’ve decided 2,500 calories per day is the caloric deficit you need to lose weight.

Of the 2,500 calories per day:

20% of your daily calories will come from protein: 125 grams
40% of your daily calories will come from carbs: 250 grams
40% of your daily calories will come from fat: 110 grams

If You Hate Tracking Macros, Do This Instead

Not everyone likes pulling out a macro calculator app and sorting through their nutrition (although this is the most accurate way to track your intake)

If that’s you, try this:

Every meal should consist of…

1 piece of meat the size of your open palm.
A closed handful of nuts
1-2 tbsp. of olive oil
Big bowl of green vegetables
Sweet Potato
And maybe a piece of fruit.

This is just an example. There’s tons of ways you can spin it. But as you can see, the majority of my nutrients are coming from high fat and carbohydrate sources.

And your protein intake is rather low compared to the other two anabolic macronutrients.

Now, I’m not trying to villainize protein.

For a teenager or someone in their early twenties who has more than enough testosterone flooding through their veins… eat all the protein you want.

It’ll be great for you muscle gains.

If you’re a juiced up meathead… eat up. You’ve got all the testosterone you need being injected into your butt once a month…

Yet if you’re a man over 30… and your testosterone levels are starting to decline. And you want to continue making strength gains, building muscle, burning fat…

While having boatloads of energy, vitality, and a thriving male libido… you need more testosterone. Not more protein.

And Anabolic Eating is the quick and all-natural way to get more of it in as little as 24 hours.

About the Author

Once a victim of low-testosterone, Joe LoGalbo has found strange, yet simple ways to hack his testosterone and the hormones of thousands of men over 40, naturally so they can enjoy more muscle, intimacy, and energy in life’s “second-half”. His mission – to transform the health and lives of 5 million men using powerful wellness tactics for life-long results. Read more of Joe’s stuff at – you can also follow him on YouTube here: Live Anabolic YouTube Channel