You would be pleasantly surprised to learn that the term “Natural T-Boosters” is not nearly as far-fetched or ludicrous as popular culture would lead you to believe.

In a world where boosting testosterone levels has become synonymous with the consumption of synthetic steroids, I can understand your skepticism. But naturally boosting T levels is more than possible!

The body of knowledge revolving around natural foods to increase your T levels is substantial and is far more accessible than the esoteric culture of the “correct way” to use artificial steroids.

Why should you care?

Why should you, as a man, care for T-boosters if everything seems fine?

Because it can be much better!

And, also because low T levels have implications on overall health. A study which analyzed T levels across thousands of men concluded that T levels had a direct role to play when it came to the incidence of heart disease, hypertension, and prostate cancer.

That said, a probably stronger motivator is the fact that healthy levels of testosterone are essential when it comes to male sexual arousal and performance!

While a number of drugs and steroids on the market offer help in this regard, they are never free from side effects. Going natural and consuming foods with natural steroids is always the safest route.

Our digestive system is much better at absorbing nutrients from nature than it is from synthetic chemicals – that is because of how it evolved, our ancestors did not have pills.

Here is a list of simple foods that you can find almost anywhere, and which can save you a lot of trouble on your journey towards healthy T levels!


Cheap, abundant, easy to use, and carrying a sharply characteristic taste, ginger is a staple ingredient in many diets. Apart from enjoying its distinct flavor if you happen to try ginger-based cuisine, you would also be giving your body nutrients that enhance male sexuality.

Jalil Hosseini along with his associates demonstrated the efficacy of ginger, when it came to increasing sperm quality.

If you are not much of a wizard in the kitchen, simply adding slivers of fresh ginger to salads or consuming ginger tea can nourish your reproductive system as well.


One must wonder at times, how many lists of health benefits does the avocado have to appear on before we incorporate it in our diets?

Apart from the colossal number of other benefits associated with this gem, one last honorable addition is its supreme influence on male sexual health.

Avocados are abundant in monounsaturated fats. Again, not all fats are bad, and these particular ones are very good.

Studies like this one have demonstrated that monounsaturated fats can have a direct positive effect on the hormonal profile of men. Furthermore, monounsaturated fats promote the absorption of carotenoids, which ultimately enhance testosterone production.

And avocados are also teeming with magnesium, a nutrient much of the male population is deficient in, and we already know that it plays a vital role in keeping free testosterone levels healthy.

Finally, avocados boast a remarkable list of helpful vitamins and minerals for men, including folic acid, vitamins B1, K, C, E, niacin, iron, and potassium. It is quite a no-brainer to use them as a natural way to enhance male sexual health.


Not all fats are bad. Coconut’s fatty oil is actually a tremendously healthy injection of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), which are a great source of raw energy.

Couple that with the fact that a study in Lagos concluded its efficacy in combating low T levels, you are sure to fall in love with this nutty tasting oil.

And you have less to worry when it comes to coconut oil, as compared to other oils – as it has a very high smoking point (up to 400°F)!

What that essentially means for you is the fact that you would not have to worry breaking the oil down into harmful toxins when you cook at high heat. Fry, grill, or bake. Your guilty pleasures, without the guilt.

Pumpkin Seeds:

Seeds, at a first glance, do not seem like the most exciting food choice. But if they can naturally improve your sexuality, you can get over the relatively bland and boring taste.

Zinc is the name of the game when it comes to male sexual health, and these seeds are PUMPed full of it, excuse the pun.

Studies have established a direct sensitivity of serum testosterone levels in men, to even short-term zinc deficiency.

Zinc is basically essential in regulating the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which, results in higher testosterone levels.

The simplest, most economical, and perhaps the most beneficial way to consume these seeds is raw. Just snack on them, or mix them in a salad.

Brazil Nuts:

Moving on to tastier natural supplements, the Brazil Nuts are a formidable T boosting food. While there might not be research that directly investigated this relationship, there is ample amount of research connecting selenium with improved sperm quality., and these nuts have a lot of selenium to offer.

And that is not all, Brazil Nuts are also high in antioxidants and L-Arginine – the latter being a great blood flow enhancer. No wonder the alpha males among the Capuchin monkeys love to snack on them and prove their mettle by cracking the hard shells.


When it comes to testosterone friendly greens, celery is quite the catch – and on top of it, it has a great calorie to fiber ratio, which makes it an overall extremely healthy food choice.

Most of celery’s fame comes from its nutrient-packed punch of flavonoids, vitamins, and antioxidants that protect against oxidative damage to our cells.

But research on rats has also confirmed its power in promoting testicular health and sperm production. And as the reproductive system of rats have a tremendous similarity to that of humans, this has major implications.

And finally, we cannot forget the stellar vitamin K in celery, whose deficiency directly reduces testosterone production, according to a study in Japan.


Probably already part of your diet, almonds are easy to incorporate into a multitude of cuisines.

These tasty nuts are great to snack on and affect T levels both directly and indirectly. The magnesium in almonds is a direct influencer when it comes to boosting free testosterone.

And by regulating sleep better, almonds indirectly increase T levels by lowering cortisol levels which can become elevated due to poor sleep quality. Cortisol is an infamous T killer.

In conclusion, boosting your testosterone levels does not need to be a pill popping journey, step outside to your nearest supermarket, and stock up on these easily available natural testosterone enhancers.

About the Author

By Sean Ward, Founder of Naturally Boost Testosterone, a men’s health blog dedicated to providing natural ways for men to boost hormone levels. Check out www.naturally-boost-testosterone.com to learn more about Sean and his work. You can also find him on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook