Rejoice when you find yourself with your back against the wall, and don’t be a bitch about it! ~Chad Howse

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The best times in my life have been sink or swim moments. They were moments because the work was done, the discipline acquired to make them not my permanent situation.

With that said, I’ve had “moments” where my back was against the wall, where bills couldn’t be paid, rent couldn’t be paid, food was actually scarce, that lasted 8 months.

That one specific time was awesome. Fuck it was awesome. It sucked while I was in it, but it forced me to be in the moment and to do what I could with what I had rather than wishing things were different like a little bitch.

And yes, I’ve been a little bitch at times in my life, far too often actually. And when that little bitch pokes his head out, the pity comes about, the self-loathing consumes everything, and nothing of value is done, nothing of value is created.

Being a little bitch fucking sucks. (Read This: Stop Being Such a Little Bitch)

It’s cancerous. It does nothing but eat away at the host.

Which is why you have to lick your chops when your back’s against the wall, when danger is all around you, when you have to swim or sink, rise or fall, win or lose.

When the choices are that stark, the contrast between good and bad so clear, and when you’re really at rock’s bottom, you get to show yourself what you’re made of, and man that’s a great feeling.

Don’t whine, don’t complain, don’t pity yourself or your situation, just bust your ass, stay disciplined, and work like you’ve got nothing to lose because the reality is that you don’t. You are where failure is, so take the steps necessary to climb up, rise up, and conquer that bitch in you.