Life Is One Big Status Quo

Don’t simply accept the status quo if it doesn’t fit your standards. ~Chad Howse

You’re surrounded by losers. You’re supposed to share the victim mentality that they live with. You’re supposed to complain and give half-assed effort. But that isn’t you, so you don’t. (Read This: 10 Ways to Go From Victim to Victory)

You work. You get up early. You set audacious goals and get into hairy situations. Mediocrity isn’t in your definition of a life well lived, so you break free from it.

You’re a teen growing up in a society where you’re supposed to go to college, acquire debt, learning skills that will not get you employed after the four years of school have been complete. But this doesn’t fit your standards.

You want more. You want to shift what’s expected from you and from life and you break off and pursue YOUR course, forget what’s expected of you.

Life is one big status quo.

We’re essentially shown what we’re supposed to do and what we’re supposed to pursue and who we’re supposed to aspire to be from a young age.

We’re told that we need to own ‘stuff’, and the more of it we acquire, the more successful we’ll be.

We’re told that we’re supposed to find a comfortable job that never really pushes us to become anything we can’t become on autopilot.

We’re told that risk is wrong and that life should be contained within the safe spaces that the majority live out their mediocre lives.

But what if these expectations, what if this status quo doesn’t fit your idea of a life well lived? (Read This: Don’t Follow The Rest of Society)

What if it doesn’t fit your standards?

Do you have the guts to go forward on your own path, to embark on your own journey that goes against the grain?

Will you have the courage to face your fears, to chase the unknown, to live a life devoid of the safety and the ease that so many aspire to make their norm?

That’s the decision you’re going to have to make if you want to live a flourishing life.

If you think there’s more than what the masses aspire for, you’re going to have to determine what this ‘more’ is, and have the balls to chase it.

Good luck.