Man Up Monday: Be the Warrior Not the Worrier

We have far more choice in this life than we realize. We can choose the effort we put in, the attitude we have, our outlook on our misfortunes. We can choose to live a productive and happy life, or a sad and cynical one. Being aware of said choices and the self-talk going on in our minds is the first step to the battle we fight daily. It’s a battle waged between our strong self and that part of us that revels in the thought of being a victim, in the notion that the world is against us and no matter what we do we’re doomed.

Make the right choice daily. Choose to see the world as a warrior, not as a cynic and a victim who’s confined to life’s scraps.

Rule # 39: Craft a routine that will force you to get shit done.

Routine is everything. And whether you’ve created one or simply let one happen to you, you have one.

The question is, is this routine making you better, or contributing to your ineffectiveness?

My best time to write is the morning, so I extend it as much as possible. Ideally to 3am, having a work break around 9. It’s in those hours that I get the most done, so I need them to be distraction-free.

The more you do something the more it becomes habitual, just be very careful about which habits you acquire.

Want for nothing that is out of your control.

I get a fair amount of emails from guys asking about finding the right lady or what to do to get the right lady. It’s as if they’re on a chase, a hunt, and happiness and meaning rest in the hands of someone other than them.

If it isn’t something you can control, don’t fret over it. Just work and improve and grow as a man, the rest WILL take care of itself.

Here’s the powerful part though, you must accept both sides of the coin for things like this. You must accept that you may be single for a lifetime and you must be okay with that. You must also accept who you’re born as and work with what you have.

Do not want for what you cannot control. Always be open to new things and new people, but never hand them control over your life.

Wishing is for those who will never understand the value of what is.

At the end of everyday write down 3 things you’re thankful for that happened within the last 24 hours. This is one of the most powerful habits you can form.

When we accept what is and find the good in our reality, we’re able to build upon a strong foundation free from envy.

When we wish things were different we hand control of our lives over to the wish, the life we want, a life that isn’t real and won’t be unless we find the good in where we are and build upon it.

To worry is to fear, and to base those fears on things that haven’t yet occurred.

I’ve had some truck troubles as of late. The thing’s stalling and revving and having starting problems. With the new house, the prospects of also having to buy a new truck were worrying me. (Read This: How to Face Your Greatest Fears and Win)

Silly Chad, follow your own advice!

It took a couple days to realize that my fears could be handled and the worst case scenario wasn’t even all that bad.

Accept the worst that can happen, know that you can handle it, and then move on.

When you let worry guide you in life you make bad decisions. Breathe. Think. Accept. And move on.

Never get too comfortable. It’s comfort that’s the taker of improvement. (Read This: The Value in Being Uncomfortable)

The past few years I’ve been running from comfort.

It’s as I got a bit comfortable a couple years ago that my development suffered, and my work wasn’t as good as it could have been.

The only logical next step was to travel alone for a year. After that, buy a house. After that? Who knows…

What I do know is that when you dump and chase you force yourself to become more than what you were when you were at ease.

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