Man Up Monday: The Art Of Developing Brass Balls

When someone does something audacious or courageous, he’s said to have a set of brass balls. It’s this audacity that is innately masculine and it’s something that many of us must return to. This isn’t to say you should be foolish, although it’s better to be a fool than a man who lacks all action. It simply means that you act on those things that frighten you, that you move on them before they turn into regrets.

You have but one life, to spend it sitting on the sidelines would be a travesty.

Have something in your office that you only need to glance at to kick you back into focus.

It comes down to urgency. Those who feel a healthy amount of stress because they have a mission that means a lot to them work harder and are more focused.

The idea that a stress-free life is a good thing is ignorance. It removes the value of work and the necessity of improvement.

Have a picture of your kid, or your wife. I have a picture of the house I bought but haven’t yet taken possession of. That new expense lights a fire under my ass.

Take any advantage you can get.

The goal isn’t to risk, it’s to minimize risk where the rewards are greatest.

Don’t risk for the sake of risk. Determine where the greatest rewards potentially lie, and then do the work to minimize the risk.

The harder you work, the more you read and learn, the more you downgrade the risk and increase your chances of winning.

The act of practice is done to minimize risk. The better you practice the less likely any of your practice will go to waste.

Run from nothing. Run only forward.

Don’t run from your fears, run into them. Don’t run from your responsibilities, run to them, take on more of them.

The idea that a stress-free life is a good thing is ignorant.

To remove all stress is to remove all meaning. When you have nothing to work toward, you have nothing to live for.

This life isn’t supposed to be easy, it’s not even guaranteed to be just or kind or good. It’s hard. It’s rough. It’s the toughest who win at it so don’t you dare ask for less, instead take on more. (Read This: Find Trouble)

Dare Mightily. Live Audaciously.

Put away your small goals and replace them with great ones. The life you live will reflect the targets you’re aiming at.

No matter the event, your will is always in your control.

The event matters, but it’s your reaction to it that will determine the kind of life you will live and the kind of man you will become. (Check This Out: The Event Doesn’t Matter. Your Reaction to it Does.)

Most treat events as curses, warriors treat them as challenges. Sometimes challenges are required for us to fight, other times they’re needed for reflection, to turn inward, to listen to our inner voice and to find the lesson within the heartache.

Know that the control, no matter the event, is always in your hands.

Don’t let the expectations of others claim your thoughts and intentions; life is to be lived on your terms.

While you must be like water and take those things that happen in life and roll with them, you must also be a badass and thrive, think audaciously and act daringly.

Life isn’t for the timid, nor the meek, it’s for those badasses that experience its highs, lows, and thrills with a smile on their face and blood on their lip.

Freedom is to live life on your terms. Your captor, then, is you.

It isn’t an outside entity, a big bad corporation or government that keeps you from living life on your own terms. It’s not where you’re born that keeps you small, it’s your own limiting beliefs on what’s possible.

Live a daring life.

Be the guy who others thing, “how the hell does he do that?”

Adventure exists in an instance of daring.

Adventure happens in an instant, but if you haven’t lived your days and hours with an audacious mind you won’t know when the opportunity knocks on your door.

And a life without adventure isn’t much of a life.

Practice audacity daily. Practice courage.

Rule: If you want to be a badass you need to lift weights. Heavy ones.

It’s just a simple fact of life. If you want to be a badass, a warrior, a better version of yourself, you need to start throwing around some dumbbells and barbells and maybe even growl a little bit while you do it.

It’s just a fact. No room for debate. (Try This: Strength Test)

When life hits you hard sometimes you need to stand back up and hit it even harder.

Rolling with the punches doesn’t mean that you move out of the way of the punches, it means that you take them in a way that doesn’t hurt you but puts you in a position to punch back even harder.

Roll with life’s punches, but if you don’t hit back you’re just a victim.

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