Stuff That Makes You Better: The Video, The Shirt, the Mission

The mission for this site is pretty clear. My goal has always been to not only become better myself, but bring other guys along with me. Good, strong, self-reliant, manly men are becoming more of a rarity in today’s society. We need them, a lot more of them. But we’re creating less of them. This is a problem, and one I aim to remedy simply by inspiring other men to become their best, in every facet of life, not just regarding the body.

To do this, I need your help in a big way. And I’ve gotten it. If we, this collective tribe, change the course of even a few men’s lives, we’ve positively effected the world. We’ve given our society more leaders. We’ve given our society more fathers who stick around and man up.

Alas, the Cool Stuff for Guys series, needs to become more in line with our mission. So while we’re going to include a few things that are simply cool to have, we’re going to include a lot more stuff that will help you become better, tougher, stronger, and more self-reliant. This starts with the addition of the video of the week, which will sometimes be a video, and other times be a speech that you can listen to on your way to work or the gym.

Video of the Week

“No matter how bad it gets, I will succeed!”

This is a great talk by Les Brown. Listen to it. Get inspired by it. Then head out into the world and kick some ass!

Stuff of the Week


The Whiteboard

A whiteboard is a necessary addition to any man’s home who’s striving to become a success, no matter how he defines success. I have a massive whiteboard where I write down my big projects, goals, and dreams, but also my daily and weekly tasks. It sits next to me at my desk. It’s always be my side, the first thing I see in the morning as I sit down and begin working.

A whiteboard, of the large variety like the one above, is a great way to keep your mission at the front of your mind, never letting it waver or lose focus.

brown jacket for men


Every man needs a good, durable jacket. Simply put, this jacket is awesome, and an investment that may last you the rest of your days. If you have adventure in your near future, this jacket will serve you well.

dare mighty things shirt


‘Twas the great Theodore Roosevelt that told us to dare mighty things, to not be content with mediocrity or the norm, but to venture out and do more, be more. I wear this shirt with pride, knowing that I’m not merely doing what’s expected of me, but what’s unexpected as well.

At the very least, this lovely shirt serves as warning against the average, safe goals that dominate the lives of the majority.

candle for women


I’ve been told that ladies like candles. So here’s a candle to get your lady on Valentine’s Day. That is all.


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