The 21 Laws of Manliness

I’ve had a great run as of late in that I’ve had a string of wonderful books that I’ve read, studying some of the most impressive men I’ve come across. It started with The Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte, a wonderful read about one of the greatest success stories in the history of man kind. To follow that up I read, Robert E. Lee on Leadership, a book that opened my eyes to a man that has never been held in such high regard by other strong men, regardless they’re his friends, or his enemies. A man who’s been called the greatest general the western world has ever produced (yes, even ahead of Mr. Napoleon). A legend that I will study more, and aim to emulate. Most recently I’ve gone back to one of my favorite historical figures and an example of true manliness, Theodore Roosevelt, in the Rise of Theodore Roosevelt.

There’s a longing to bring things back to the way they were. Impossible on the whole, of course, but I understand the sentiment. And I see where it’s necessary, especially after reading about these great, masculine archetypes.

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There is, whether you choose to believe it or not, a battle being fought against masculinity, and masculine values. The weak, who are far greater in numbers, fear masculinity. They fear masculine values because they don’t understand them, and they refuse to look at the big, societal and worldwide picture. Masculinity is what our society needs more than ever. As we lose our strength as a society, as we become more corruptible, self-entitled, less self-reliant, and more dependent on others, we need to bring back real men and real leaders, to bring back real strength.

Strength and masculinity are cousins. Before we were the head of our families, we were the leaders of tribes, defending them from great beasts and evil men. We’re protectors and warriors. Men, to be men, need to be strong, be it in the spirit or physically, but ideally in both. It’s this strength and assertiveness that has, and will always serve us well, whether it’s in the battlefield, in our homes, or in the arena of life.

These men were champions, and unapologetically so. They were badasses that did what they want, and society and culture benefitted from their boldness and definiteness of purpose. They didn’t cower or quiver. They didn’t flee or hide in moments of tribulation. They stood up and fought. It’s these masculine values that need to be brought back into popular culture.

Alas, we’ve come up with the 21 Laws of Manliness. Each designed not to confine you to a single mold, but to free you to become the liberated, strong, courageous, ambitious man you have somewhere deep down.

Keep this in mind, you’re part of a fraternity. You are Napoleon, Lee, and Roosevelt. Somewhere deep down in the depths of your Self exists the courage of Leonidas, the boldness of Caesar, and the bravery of David. Every man has the capacity to do great things, but as we fail to teach these values, and as we refuse to initiate our youth into manhood, we’re producing fewer of these great warriors. Let these laws bring about that warrior, and quell the coward.

Whether you agree with them or not, tell me why in the comments section. If you have one to add, add it there as well.

The 21 Laws of Manliness

1. A man must be self-reliant.

Self-reliance is a dwindling characteristic amongst men. We’re developing a dangerous sense of entitlement, where we feel we warrant things without earning them. Don’t look for a handout. If you need help, accept it. Then repay it. But don’t live to be sustained by others, sustain yourself.

A man must be as self reliant as possible. He can depend on others for support and guidance, but if he’s to be truly free, his life, his future, his success, and his happiness all have to be dependent him. Only a weak man would give that power to someone or something else.

Be the guy others lean on for support. The the shoulder and the soldier that they need. Worry about yourself later.

2. Understand the hard work that success, even happiness, requires of you. 

Don’t hold the common delusion that success is something you’re born into, not something you have to work for and earn. 70% of all billionaire’s are self-made. And this definition of success isn’t relegated to success within a career, but success in life, which has to be accompanied by happiness.

As soon as you neglect to understand that success requires hard work, not birthright, and that there’s some other way to achieve it, you’ve lost. You’ve weakened your resolve. You’ll look for a quick fix to a long, arduous problem. You’ll end life unhappy and poor and unsatisfied.

The power for your destiny is in your own hands. This is the year that you grasp it firmly and never again let it go.

3. Forge your own path. Step into the arena. Don’t be the coward who lives a small life. 

This is a tricky “law”, and it’s one that requires a lot of trial and error. You have to fail a lot and try a lot of different things in life before you figure out the path you want to take and the man you are to become.

However, the only way to fail, is to step into the arena and try. You have to face your greatest fears and conquer your greatest demons if you’re going to be an original, a warrior, and a real man. Be the guy at the end of the game who wants the ball. Be the guy in the gym sparring for hours after everyone else has left.

Set out on your own path in life, and do the work that others aren’t willing to do.

4. Practice self-denial. Completely forget about instant gratification.

We are the generation of instant gratification, we’re the generation of credit card debt spent on things we can’t afford to impress people we don’t like. This has to change, and it can change now and here.

In all the books I’ve read that study great men in history, self-denial is always a common characteristic. You won’t get your work done if you don’t practice self-denial. It’s almost impossible to improve and become a better man without this very important attribute or skill.

Practice this one day at a time. Identify those things in your life that hinder your growth. And remove them from your life. This could be TV, or junk food, or porn. Whatever these things are, rip them from your routine and replace them with something that helps you moving forward.

5. Don’t be afraid to stand alone on your principles and values. The weak need numbers because they have none.Mark Twain Quote

You need a support system, we all do. We all need mentors and teachers and followers and leaders. But we don’t necessarily need numbers. There’s strength in numbers, but we don’t need that strength because it exists within us.

Don’t crave attention or acceptance from others. Society is clearly heading in that direction, where our value is more and more dependent on what others think of us, and we tend to alter our thinking to atone for this desire to be and feel accepted.

Don’t. It’s the original’s that walk to the tune of their own drum that are the real leaders. Be a leader.

Be you. Think for yourself. Be an original.

The more I read and study great men, I see the their uniqueness. I see their originality, not just in action but in thought. They were definitely influenced by others, but they formed their own thoughts and stuck to them. If you want to be an original – and that’s something we should all strive for – think for yourself.

Note: You don’t have to adhere to everything I’m saying. If it rubs you the wrong way, then don’t practice it. I am, however, providing a different narrative than the one that bombards us on a daily basis on billboards and TV and the interwebz. But think for yourself. Be your own man. Hopefully this site helps you move closer back to your true identity.

6. Fight. Even though you know you may lose, fight. A coward will throw someone else under the bus to clean up his mess. That isn’t you.

Don’t be afraid of a bloody nose – in the physical, literal sense, and otherwise. Don’t be afraid to live a hard life. It’s the life of the eternal fighter, the warrior, that we remember. Teddy was a fighter, as was Lee, and Napoleon. But so was Jobs, Jesus, and Mother Teresa.

Most of the men I come across have never been in a real fight. And I think it’s an important thing to get in. Be careful, of course, but if you have something to protect, like your lady or your honor, don’t be afraid to protect it. The same goes for your values, fight for them, don’t turn your back on them simply because they aren’t popular or in line with the majority.

7. Accept responsibility for your actions. Go out of the way to take the blame. A coward rarely sees his own faults, and blames others for his lack of success.

Honor is a fleeting, almost extinct characteristic in the modern society. We no longer accept blame, but provide excuses. We no longer own up to our mistakes, but find a way to deflect them on to another.

Take a look at these two leaders: Robert E. Lee and Barack Obama.

Set your political beliefs aside, forget about your allegiances and alliances, and merely look at their character. We’re looking at two leaders who stand out in their eras. Lee was somewhat a product of his time, a time when values were taught and honor revered, but he was also an original and a man founded upon deep principles, far more-so than any of his peers. Obama, on the other hand, is definitely a product of his time, our timeHe refuses, like most politicians today, to accept blame for any wrong done within his administration. He also takes “selfie’s” at the memorial service of one of the greatest men of our time, Nelson Mandela, which is completely deplorable and a clear projection of the vanity of our men in today’s society.


Lee understood that any mistakes made by a man under his command was, by relation, his mistake as well, and he accepted blame for not being a strong enough leader (in his own eyes), or for making the bad judgement of promoting the person in question. Obama places blame on those who he’s hired, yet accepts none of it on his own shoulders. He blames opposing parties and extenuating economic environments, yet refuses to stand, like a man, and accept responsibility. Even if the blame truly should be on someone else’s shoulders, Obama and Lee have two very different ways of dealing with it. And each are a microcosm of the values of their time and their peers.

Men of Lee’s integrity are a dying breed. Most of us are like Obama, our immediate action is to provide excuses, not to stand up and take the blame. This needs to change.

A man has to be a man of honor to call himself a manly man. If he’s weak, if he doesn’t actually “lead”, he cannot deem himself by that moniker.

8. Don’t be afraid to fail. Be far more afraid of never trying. A coward fears everything, and does nothing.

We all talk a big game, even if its self-talk or boasting amongst friends. Who of us actually acts on their audacious dreams rather than holding their actions for “the future”?

Few, today, act. More talk.

A man says little but does a lot. His actions leave his footprint, his legacy, not merely his words.

9. Practice kindness, but not weakness.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime.

People don’t need gifts, they need skills. One “solution” is to throw money at the problem. The real solution is to teach the skills needed to become self-reliant. If you have said skills, teach them. Give your time and your mind to the problem. Not merely your money.

Is money enough sometimes? Yes. It can be incredibly valuable in the hands of the right person. For example, there are charities that need money to build schools and hospitals. Give them your money. There are other areas of life, however, where money is the easy, lazy way to go about solving a problem, and it’s often put to misuse.

Be kind. Help others in every way you can, but don’t be a doormat. Don’t give because you think it’s the right thing to do. Do your due diligence, always. Be kind, but not weak. Weakness is a lack of effort and actual caring for the welfare of your common man. Weakness is merely thinking about yourself.

No man wants to be carried, he want to carry himself. Figure out how to give them that power and you’ll be doing the world a great service.

10. Be just and fair.

As manly qualities diminish from our society, our idea of what’s fair gets bastardized as well. There’s a growing number of people who want what others have worked for, without earning it on their own.

It’s a weak mentality. Do some people need and deserve help simply because we’re humans, and we, as humans, have a duty to take care of those who can’t take care of themselves? Of course. And it’s on you and me to help these people.

But, as a man, you need to hear this: it’s a dangerous and weak mentality to envy what another man has accomplished (or even been given). It’s a weak mentality to think that “fairness” is him giving you some of what he has simply because you feel you haven’t been given the same opportunities in life.

That isn’t fairness, that’s weakness.

And life isn’t fair. That’s just the way it is. You make your life what you want to make it.

The strong, masculine figure will respect that man for what he has accomplished. He’ll want to accomplish the same on his own accord. He’ll also understand that money is far from everything in the world, and that making your own way on this planet is far more satisfying than having it handed to you.

11. Never turn a blind eye to injustice. Never walk past a fellow man or women in need, if you can help.

For thousands upon thousands of years men protected their tribes. They protected them, at first, from beasts, and then from other men.

Today, men aren’t protecting their tribes. Our world is filled with evil and cowardly fucks who rape and molest women and children who are physically weaker than they are. And as a society we turn a blind eye to this incredible injustice.

As we, men, leave mothers to fend for their families on their own, we leave them vulnerable. If you have a child, you have a duty to protect that child. As a society, we have a duty to protect that child from the vile characters that inhabit our planet. Stand up to the injustices you see around you.

Martin Luther King Jr. said it best, In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

As women in the Middle East have acid thrown on their faces, as they’re raped and seen as the property of a man, we stand idly by. As children who’ve yet to reach their teens are sent off to marry a man three times their age, we stand idly by. As the poor get poorer, we buy more “things”, trying to fill the empty void in our lives that we can’t quite pinpoint. As Coptic Christians are slaughtered in Egypt, we stand idly by, only worried about what goes on in our own lives, let alone our communities. As men and women abuse their power, we fall into line and resume our role in society, never speaking out or doing anything about it.

As people are hated on and hurt because of their sex, their beliefs, their sexual orientation, their race, we, the strong, aren’t acting very strong. We’re afraid to stand alone and to stand against the majority.

A real man doesn’t cower in danger’s face. He stands, be it with an army at his back, or nothing but the wind, and fights hate and injustice.

mlk quote

12. Read often. Read everything.

Read about your heroes, but also about people who’s views oppose your own. If you’re conservative in nature, read something written by a liberal. If you’re liberal, read something written by a conservative. Read about business, religion, fitness, science, and economics. Learn about politics and different cultures.

I’ve learned the most in my life from books, and from doing things that were way out of my comfort zone. Everyone should discover the gift of reading. It expands your world, opens your eyes, and strengthens your character and resolve.

13. Unplug weekly.

It’s amidst the noise of our everyday lives that we become evermore disconnected with our mission, our values, and our beliefs. Our intentions in life become clouded. Our purpose becomes less vivid.

Silence is a valuable friend in life. We, as men, need silence. We need to reconnect with ourselves, our Maker, our purpose, values, and beliefs. We need silence to find clarity. It’s in silence that we’ll recharge and rediscover why we’re here and what we’re doing. We’ll hear our fears loud and clear.

Unplug at least once a week. You can’t have a clear purpose if you can’t hear your own thoughts.

14. Laugh daily, especially at yourself.

What is life without joy? Each of the great men I’ve studied in history, and the real men I know in my own life, laugh a lot. They have a sense of humor.

Not to toot my own horn, but if there’s one thing that I’ve developed over the past couple of years that has helped me love life more, work harder, accomplish more, and enjoy the highs and find the good in the lows, it’s the ability to not only laugh at myself, but make fun of myself.

I can be weird. Everyone can be weird. We each have odd little idiosyncrasies that make us unique, and funny. It’s okay to laugh at yourself. It’s alright to be the butt of a joke. It’s fine to lighten the mood with an off color joke. I’ve found humor to be the fastest and simplest method to use to bring two opposing sides together.

Humor can relax a tense situation. It can show us the absurdity of some of the things we believe and practice. As a man, its incredibly important that you be able to laugh at yourself. That’s the ultimate exercise of security in who you are.

15. Don’t live on the internet.

With the rise of social networks on the interwebz, we’re being given a new platform to show the world who we are. Real, physical, interactions aren’t as common any more, allowing people to create a persona online, and not have to live that persona in the real world.

We can be selective about what we portray on Facebook, for example. We don’t have to give people the whole story about who we truly are, like we do when we’re face to face and in person. That’s dangerous.

What gives our lives meaning, then, changes. We’re caring more about what others think of our profile pages than who we are as men. We find dates online rather than venturing out in the world and meeting new people. We craft virtual relationships, rather than real ones.

A man doesn’t live on the internet. He lives in the real, physical world. Don’t get caught up in your profile. Don’t worry about how many “likes” your posts are getting, or how many “friends” you have online. Your real friends are those who are actually in your life, and who know you on a personal level. Facebook isn’t real. Twitter isn’t tangible. Live in the present, and in the real world. Let the world see who you really are and fuck ’em if they don’t like what they see.

16. Be chivalrous.

Chivalry is almost dead. Partly because men just don’t care enough to go the extra mile, they’re weak, and they’ve just never been taught how to be chivalrous before. The other part is because the feminist movement has misguidedly removed chivalry from what’s acceptable in our society.

With all the good it has done, the feminist movement got some things wrong. Rather than creating a fair and just environment and society, they removed fairness from many of our institutions. In an effort to be treated “as fairly as men”, they want to be treated “like men”.

This, though, is the voice of the minority. Most women do want a guy to open the door for them, for a guy to pay for the meal (at least on the first date), and for a guy to ask them out. 

Even though it’s not as popular as it once was, chivalry, and the respect it shows for the fairer sex, needs to exist. A man sees this necessity. He lives by this code.

17. Have at least one grand adventure.

I was sitting down at my computer the other week when I was struck with a simple truth, I’m single, I have the freedom to work from anywhere, and yet I’m working and living in the same place I’ve worked and lived my entire life. Where’s the adventure in that?

And so, I booked a 3 month trip to Italy.

That’s my grand adventure for the year – or at least the only one planned thus far. I’ve always wanted to visit the nation that my beautiful mother was born into. A nation that once ruled the world for a thousand years, that has some of the greatest architecture and art on the planet. But that’s my adventure. And I finally took action on it.

What’s yours?

A few tips for travel:

a. Get a good credit card.

I booked my entire trip on points. I hadn’t realized it but over the past couple of years I’d racked up enough points for a free trip to Europe an back.

b. Don’t stay in a hotel.

Hotel’s are expensive as shit. And if you want to have any kind of extended stay, you can’t be forking over hundreds of dollars a day. I want to continue to grow my business and save money, even though I’m in a different country. will help me do that. Even in Rome, the center of Italy, I’ve found places that range from $500-$700 a month. I’m a simple guy, I don’t need much, and I’d much rather spend my money on my business, or on little mini-adventures while I’m over there. If you’re planning a trip, check out Airbnb.

c. Don’t limit yourself.

Whatever you truly want to do, do. Don’t worry about failure or death or getting lost and stranded in a foreign place. Just get there and rely on your strength and survival skills.

18. Speak with your actions, not with your mouth.

A big mouth don’t make a big man. ~ John Wayne

Most talk, but don’t do. A man does, but doesn’t talk. In all of his characters on the silver screen, John Wayne required that they each have manly values. He wanted to portray toughness, humility, and pride, not weakness, vanity, and envy. He wanted to portray these characters in films to teach men of a younger generation how to be a real man, at the benefit of society on the whole.

We lack these archetypes in movies today. Men who are quiet, and do, rather than talking about doing.

Be that man. Be wise with your words, each of them hold weight. Be firm in your actions, every one of them is your fingerprint on this world, your legacy.


19. Don’t chase money, find meaning.

My “vision board” used to be covered with Aston Martins, motorcycles, and mansions. Things dominated my “wish-lists”. As you age, however, and as you buy some of these things, you realize how trivial and empty they are.

It’s important and healthy to understand that meaning can’t be found in things. That your pride shouldn’t be because of what you own or what you wear, but who you are and what you’ve done.

Fill your life with meaning. Live for your mission, your family, your faith. Live for other people, for adventure. Don’t live for a paycheck, or a car, or a house. If you place too much importance on things, it’s true, they end up owning you. They consume you. Your identity becomes intertwined with things that have no real value.

Buy all the things you want, but always be aware of their insignificance in the grand scheme.

20. Be the best at what you do.

It isn’t okay to merely exist. A man understands that he has to at least attempt to be at his best, to become his best. As a fundamental law, you have to try to be the best at what you do, whatever you do.

If you’re a father, you have to be the best father to your kids, the best husband to your wife. If you’re a writer, be the best writer. A boxer, be the best boxer. A soldier, be the best soldier.

Don’t accept mediocrity. It’s the manly way to go above and beyond.

21. Make the best out of every situation.

If you’re looking for an example of a man who made the best of every situation, even those that seemed to have no good in them, look to Robert E. Lee. Never did he shift blame to another, nor complain about his current position. That’s how a real man acts.

We make the best of every situation, even those that appear to be only dark and filled with despair. We always see some semblance of light, or we discover the lesson that is to be learned. This is how you think. You don’t wallow in your sorrows. You never wish you were somewhere else, living someone else’s life. You are where you are and you’re making the best of the life you’re leading.

That’s the way of the real man, the warrior, and the hero. He’s the one leading the charge.

YOU are Leonidas, TR, and Lincoln. You’re Mandela, Pat Tillman, and Napoleon. YOU, my friend, are Jesus, Desmond Tutu, and Pope Francis. You’re Gandhi, Churchill, and King. You are William Wallace.

Every manly warrior that has come before you, is within you. Their courage is somewhere in your soul. The capacity for their great feats can be brought about, if you have the courage to bring them to fruition. You are a warrior. You’re a real man. This is the year that you become that heroic, masculine archetype that your community, your country, and your family needs and deserves.

  • Milos

    Good, as usual.
    While in Italy, feel invited to come and be my guest in Montenegro for a few days. It’s in the neighbourhood 🙂

    • Will keep that in mind for sure. I wasn’t planning on doing any traveling when there, but that could change. Appreciate the hospitality man!

      • Milos

        You’re welcome. It’s an hour of flight from Rome and a beautiful country, it would be a shame to miss that 😉

  • @yibblyapp

    Thank you for writing this.

  • Ali

    I needed to read this man …. thank you

  • alex dabroso

    Thank you for another epic article Chad. You’re one of my biggest idols and I really look up to you because you are so wise. Every time I read yohr blog, I become a better man, so thank you!

  • Erica Watson-Currie

    I think a lot of these are just good advice for everyone.

  • Sammie

    Thank you for a great article. Every woman should read this. I am printing it out for my sons.

    • Anytime! Glad you liked it. And that’s very cool that you’re showing your sons. Love that.

  • Boo

    You people are just fantasizing about being in control of your lives. You are not helpless because the world has lost “masculinity” you are helpless because you would have been helpless at any other time in human history. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, you are not smart, lucky, or privileged enough to take control of anything. You will live the rest of your life fantasizing about a world that accepts you as a “man” and telling yourselves that once that world comes you will blossom. You will never blossom. This is it. Be quiet.

    • disqus_I6aAIwKUkx

      And you, sir, will fail because you have no hope, no ownership of the vessel of your life, and no accountability for your habits of thought and deed. Nihilism and egoism are excuses for those without honor to shit on everything around them, simply because the opportunity arises. Men live the right way for its own sake. I pity you for your selfishness and your apparent lack of fidelity.


    • Wow. Bleak.

    • DBdowner

      When did I care about the world accepting me? And when did I ever need the world? Being for others is just another form of being inauthentic. You have an external locus of control and think the Earth revolves around the opinions of others.

  • Liam H.

    I absolutely agree that manliness is on the decline and that the western world especially has pussified men. It seems that lot of American men would look at a malfunctioning garage door opener and think “that box up there is broken,” and are down right scared of a fight. However, facing an environment that will likely wipe out human kind within the 21st century and a society that has gross inequality , all largely due to the “conquer at all cost” mindset of these “great” men, we AS MEN most use our wit and indomitable will to become greater men. We can evolve past that machismo stuff, think more progressively, environmentally, and largely. As men we should do that for our grandchildren. For this article to start off commending and idolizing Napoleon Bonaparte and Robert E. Lee ain’t right. Sure, those guys were bad asses, but it’s time to move on. End rant.

    • Ah man, read up on Robert E. Lee and you’ll change your opinion. That guy is a man’s man and if we had more guys like him our society, our planet, our people would be a hell of a lot better off.

      Can’t agree with you there. Read up on the guy, please.

  • radaroriley

    Enjoyed reading the article. Individuals who withstand hardship and pressure with righteousness and compassion aren’t just men. Being legendary isn’t easy, isn’t for everyone, isn’t limited by gender.

  • Marlo Waters

    I hope people realize this article is not about gender or sexual identity. I agree with Erica and feel a lot of these rules could apply to all people. I realize Chad’s target market audience is men (he’s pretty smart for doing that), and we all know all men were not born to be alphas, but we have so many articles and encouragement out there for women, but rarely do you see something targeted like this for men. I feel that over the years as women’s roles have changed some men have gotten lost in what their role is in society. Hail to all the awesome men we admire from history and through movies and books. Instead of celebrating their accomplishments, this article celebrates that kind of character and virtues they have. [Although I practice a lot of these laws myself (and some just don’t apply), this is why I am single, more men to read and practice this…ha ha]

    • Marlo, thanks for this! And I agree. The characteristics spill over to both genders, but like you mention, we need to more warriors, alphas, and strong men in our society. Women are progressing, and there’s a lot of stuff out there geared toward helping them be at their best, I feel my place in this world is to in my small way help men be at their best.

      Glad you see that. And a real man would be attracted by these qualities in a lady, so your guy’s out there.

      • Marlo Waters

        I believe you have found your niche my friend. Keep up the good work, and continue to inspire men to acquire the skills and best qualities they can! Thanks for your reply to my post. Namaste’

    • Barry York

      Even on a site committed to men, we have to read the condescending babbling of a bubble head woman who has to blurt her “opinion” to a bunch of men who do not care !! !! HaHa More women need to be ok with being women and stop trying to wedge themselves into everything men do…Try to be more original !!

      • Tyler Payne

        And people like you are why our society is doomed. Thanks.

  • Delta November

    Thank you for writing what I’ve been thinking for years. The only thing I would add would be, “Don’t be afraid to make a decision.” It’s better to make a wrong decision during a crisis than make no decision at all.

  • Stephen Lakowski

    Most of the topics in this article are things that have nothing to do with ‘manliness’, and anyone could aspire to these regardless of age or sex.

    I like the meat of the article overall. It addresses some really good points, but it conflicts with some of its own entries in so far as preaching these qualities of strength, but using sexist language that perpetuates the myth that only men can claim these things. Is self-reliance not universal? Should not everyone work towards these ideals? Does it not ultimately defeat the purpose of even pointing out these issues if you don’t make the effort to connect it with everyone?

    You talk of injustice and chivalry, but do you not realize how much of the danger and injustice projected on women are because society attempts to place them in a ‘lower bracket’ than men using the very kind of language you’ve used? Do you not see that your own words work to maintain that unjust divide?

    I don’t think you are setting out with the objective of shutting down women but enabling men. Honestly, though when I read that title, that was what I was expecting, and while the article didn’t focus on shutting down women, the language cares only about enabling men. You can fix that, and appeal to a greater human whole, rather than just men in particular.

    Words are very powerful, and their misuse can be very destructive. If nothing else, recognize that ‘alpha male’ is sort of a buzz-name right now that carries a lot of negative connotations, and that alone will potentially turn people away from a otherwise-great article because it’s right there in the title.

    • Chuck Chuckson

      No one is stopping you from writing the 21 Laws of Womanliness.

      • Stephen Lakowski

        A short-sighted perspective which is part of the problem. Creating a pro-women camp doesn’t remedy the pro-man camp. Having both sides screaming each other’s strengths and ignoring the other side doesn’t help anybody.

      • Chuck Chuckson

        The author isn’t penning some dumb anti-woman screed. He’s laying out ideals men should strive to live up to.

        Your response OTOH sounds like typical, Politically Correct drivel (“sexist”, “injustice”) that millions of people are sick of.

      • Stephen Lakowski

        Except they’re not ideals men should strive to live up to. They’re ideals that anyone should strive to live up to.

        Clearly you have no concept for what you’re talking about. You’re right, millions of people probably are sick of political correctness. That doesn’t matter much against a world population of billions of people.

        I suppose it’s easier for you to dismiss awareness as political correctness like it’s some foul beast to be reviled. It’s easier for you to ignore problems that have existed for thousands of years as some kind of new feminist ‘drivel’.

      • Chuck, you’re awesome. Stephen, why? The site and the article are both clearly geared toward men, that’s why it’s here, to help men become stronger and to bring back manliness. It’s not perpetuating any stereotypes man, you’re reaching on that, looking for trouble where there is none. Don’t be so damn sensitive. Appreciate, as you say, the heart of the article.

      • Bill Rhodes

        Chad, what makes this article great is its potential for further discussion. The core 21 laws are essentially correct, but in a close study of Napoleon he certainly is not the best poster boy. There are extremes in anything. Remember 300 right? The Spartans (we have a very masculine Spartan Race athletic event do we not?) were so extremely masculine that on their wedding day they gave their brides crew cuts, essentially to look like… other men. I won’t go into the tutelage relationship they had with adolescent males. I do agree in the core discussion, but you have to bring in the fact that indigenous societies, and not industrial European ones, had more clear lines and roles of gender, and often allowances for the minority third fourth and fifth genders (mostly shamans though, but sometimes warriors). You do have to include eventually neuroscience in this discussion. Left handed people use the more open creative and feminine right hemisphere of their brains, but are often still quite masculine. Not just Obama, but Clinton (a ladies man certainly), and George HW Bush were left handed.

      • Chuck Chuckson

        You’re arguing for the self-censorship of a positive article by invoking the ghost of sexist past. No one could possibly find anything misogynistic in the article.

        Anyone who manages to be offended by it is too insane (or full of …beans) for their opinon to be of any concern for rational adults.

      • Bill Rhodes

        Chuck, you are being suppressive and absolutist. Any good article is open for discussion and it would be tyrannical and neurotic for Chad not to accept any opinion except his own. Napoleon and Ernest Hemingway were both manic depressives, one was a tyrant, the other was an artist (evidence: A brotherhood of Tyrants: Manic Depression and Absolute Power by Dr.’s Hershman and Lieb). The caveat to this article is the very fact in crisis we DO tend to revert to THE MOST EXTREME type of masculine archetype and this has had woeful consequences in modern times. In each and every one of our brain’s we have a more masculine processing side, the left hemisphere, and a more feminine side; the right hemisphere. Physical training and the yogic sciences balance these two hemispheres. Religion itself can be feminizing. To truly understand the Vikings, the only male deities NOT to cross dress in Norse Mythology was Thor. Ordinary Viking warriors even found the original Pagan practices at the cult center of Uppsala to be too effeminate. The first thing that Tyrannical mad men (whether alpha male or not) will do when they get into power, is betray and eliminate the other mad men that got them into power (i.e. Hitler turned against his occult friends, Saddam murdered the exact people who got him where he was). Cultural and human evolution swings between extremes and we have to remember all examples…

      • Chuck Chuckson

        What a bizarre rant.

      • Lagtime

        “Anyone who manages to be offended by it is too insane (or full of …beans)”….
        or is the poster child for why this article needed to be written (and read).

  • Mel10

    Enjoyed the article, our culture is definitely weening our boys and young men away from the traits that are required for a great society to survive. I’m not sure If I read the intent correctly on some of the points such as stand up for homosexuality and the environment. There’s never a time, when I leave the Florida swamps, ending my hunting trip, that the area I was in isn’t cleaner or somehow better because of my stewardship. But the hot topic of the day “GW,” is arguably a cause, that’s designed to lead the masses down a road of control, which by the way, will never or could not possibly have an end. I don’t find gay marriage as being worthy of my attention. If you want to marry another guy, or a horse for that matter, I couldn’t care less, but when I see a parade with men in diapers being led on collared leashes, I find it hard to not call it for what it is. Thank you for the hard work you put into this, you’re insight is refreshing. I’m definitely going to follow your work.

  • Doon Kemmer

    Well you son of a … thanks for turning the light bulb on.

  • lwq1caq

    We should be raising our children to these principles because it’s excellent advice for both men and women!

  • Gee, I didn’t know these were just for men!

    • They aren’t, but if you check the title of the site it’s called “bringing back manliness”, thus, that’s what we’re focusing on here, and that’s all we’re focusing on here.

  • maujturan

    Thanx for the great article..

  • Joshua

    I would add something to go along with the reading part.


    Learn how to do things, not just from books. Learn how to tie a tie, how to bait a hook, how to cook a meal, how to play a sport, how to play an instrument, whatever the case may be. But learn how to do things and how things are done. It saddens me whenever I hear someone talk about getting the oil in their car changed, yet they have no idea how that is done or what it entails.

    • Self-Reliance. Love it. Every man needs it, few have it.

  • Michael ‘Scott’ Foster

    I live these principles, but also know that I need to improve in some… Bucket List!

  • Anonymous

    “Alas?” Seriously? “Alas?”
    Alas, we have lost the ability to understand how to use even the simplest of words.

    • haha ya I’ll own up to that. I over-use and incorrectly use that word, forcing it into articles because I love the sound. Need to dial it back a bit. Surprised you’re the only guy who’s brought that up.

  • Laura Bower Kenney

    This was a GREAT article. I celebrate masculinity (and femininity) and mourn their demise. But Chad, although the writing is good and your argument well-reasoned, you really need to have someone proofread. “Alas” was just one of the mistakes. I’m a retired Army major, Public Affairs Officer/award winning journalist/editor, and I couldn’t help but use my mental red pen. Everything you wrote was powerful and true, but would have more credibility if there were no grammatical errors. Feel free to send stuff to me for proofreading! Also, good luck in fighting this fight, alas, (:-) ) I fear it is a lost cause…

  • Bill Benson

    Musashi says, “Make a decision in the space of 7 breaths; whether right or wrong, the decision must be made…”

  • A

    Way to steal material from a lot of other authors, books, etc. Saw a fight club reference in there at least once, among other things.

  • Dean

    Thanks mate, I’ve been in a steadily worsening rut lately & this is a reminder of who I am; a fucking man! It’s funny I was raised with these sort of beliefs but over the years you can forget if you don’t remind yourself from time to time. This was good timing, I’ve subscribed in the knowledge that more quality articles will be coming my way & the return to truly being myself has started. Although I will take your advice & have a quiet think about who I really am & want to be, not shit I want. Aston Martins are cool though hey.
    I have one piece of advice I would pass on if I may pertaining to point 15. My advice is: Don’t read the comments!” No matter what website your on fb, youtube, fuck twitter is nothing but comments, the comments will give you cancer they are that bad! Seriously though I used to read them a little & get mad at how wrong, stupid or plain ignorant people are & go far bonkers! So now unless it’s your friends commenting on something relevant dont read the comments! Even if this comment isn’t offending you, you’re wasting your time reading it when you could be off doing something more important.

    Cheers again, thanks for listening.

  • Codered

    Great article and a good refresher as I become a new father, seasoned husband and continue to operate my own small business. All those commenting and ranting you should read over #21 again. I appreciate any article or book that makes my wife feel inspired or refreshed just as I appreciate this one geared toward an audience of men. You’re doing good work.

  • So because someone’s born with a chemical imbalance they can’t be an example of manliness? Isn’t that just another obstacle they overcame to live a great life?

    Napoleon’s one of the greatest success stories we have rising from nothing to everything in a time when you were born into the same place where you were expected to die.

    Hemingway’s family had a long history of mental illness, yet he lived an incredible life, was clearly a masculine man who did a lot in his time.

  • Scott Cutler

    It says be the guy at the end of the game who wants the ball. I’d rather be the guy D’ing up on that guy.



  • Nate Matteson

    Thanks Chad. I needed the reminder.

  • madawi

    waaw! Thank You,, your tips touched my heart ! “Laugh daily,, Specically at yourself” ! describes my father “ he’s a very successful meletaty flight engineer” and he used to laugh daily,, Specially at himself ❤️